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Monday, August 12, 2013

Sights & Highlights at Indieket 2013!

08.12.2013 – Indieket this year was laid back despite the volume of people went to check out their local artists and their works. It was bigger than the previous year and there were several new comics and launches that made this event truly special.

The doors opened at 10 AM there was already long lines that formed outside the Bayanihan Center. Upon entering you’ll see there were already comic shops that have set up their booth ready for you to dig into their back issue bins. Among the vendors who participated, Filbar’s have something more to reveal with their mini exhibit.

That particular exhibit featured the Funko Pop Vinyl figurines customized by selected local comic book artist to recreate them into their character creations. They actually revealed a contest too that you might find it interesting to join.

There were nine local artists who participated in making the mini exhibit possible that featured familiar characters from the local komiks industry into a pseudo “Iron Men.”

On stage Lyndon Gregorio is talking about how he started and how Beerkada came to be known and one of Philippine Star’s longest running comic strips. He spoke about how be consistent in making comics.

Lyndon’s latest books are the word defining VOCAbolero and the recently released Musikada that was released during Summer Komikon.

Then Dr. Carlo San Juan took the podium armed with his slide shows how he became self-publishing comic book artists for his Callous Comics that had several iterations and evolved what has become today.

He is currently a doctor specializing in Gamma radiation but besides as a comic book artist Dr. San Juan is also delved into voice overs, dubbing in Filipino to foreign telenovelas being shown in the country, and radio voice advertisements. He spoke mostly how Callous Comics came to be and the rest is history.

Gilbert Monsanto has a simple presentation with great advice to the younger generation who are inspired to break into the independent komiks industry. He has released the final issue for Bayan Knights.

Monsanto has been in the comics industry if you remember Time Cop from 1998 where this was his first international project under the Avalon Studios which was published under the Image Comics banner.\

There were notable indie komiks that caught some attention particularly SIXTY SIX by Russell Molina and Ian Sta, Maria picking up steam when they started selling Chapter 1 and 2 which by far the next sleeper hit that came out at this year’s Indieket.

The mysteriously thought provoking SIXTY SIX series will be sold at selected comic shops carrying local works.

Ikos Komiks still continue to carry works that also featured their exclusive only merchandise based from the series’ characters in Origami. This will be a limited released during Summer Komikon, Indieket and the upcoming Komikon in November 16, 2013.

The Call Center Fighting Agents which was last year’s sleeper hit series are just mum about the next chapter of the series. They did not reveal anything but there was a rough pencil draft of the pages compressed in a small paper that was photocopied and given away last Saturday.

Both creators are not giving any premise but it sure looks like they are gearing to release the next chapter in a big way in the next Komikon.

Pugad Baboy was released with its twenty fifth book compilation and Pol Medina Jr. is back after the recently change from print to digital format of his creation. Pol was talking to friends in the industry just having a great time since he was not present at Summer Komikon which he will return for the next one in November.

Bakemono High’s next chapters where moved for the November Komikon release date but Elbert Or released a new indie komiks with Manosaur a Tyrannosaurus Rex pretending to be a Man.

The Dino trying to be “cute” was one of the notable titles that came out at Indieket following Elbert’s compilation of Bakemono High that was compiled from the K-Zone releases. But Manosaur is entirely new and everyone can relate with its kid-friendly humor and there were variant covers that were also released.

Overall Indieket was laid-back and all sorts of Saturday fun that’s focused in promoting the alternative self-publishing independent komiks community.

Some of those who participated in this year’s Indieket is bound for this year’s Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention on August 31 to September 1, 2013. Don’t forget to drop by and visit them at the Artists Alley.

The next Komikon on its ninth year happens on November 16, 2013 so get ready for that as several launches are being prepared for this COMICS CONVENTION!

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