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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Playmobil Documentary: Project Play!

02.20.2016 – Playmobil is a global brand by toy manufacturers the Brandstätter Group. The brand has been around for almost 41 years first introduced in 1975 has been a consistent product that continue to inspire the next generation.

In a rare exclusive documentary produced by Samantha C. Ellis she takes a tour at the Playmobil factory in Malta and its headquarters in Germany where it all began.

For three generations Playmobil has brought inspiration to children all over the world and also to collectors. The sixteen minute documentary also shows what goes on inside the factory how the figures are put together and how the brand was developed during the early 1970s by German inventor Hans Beck.

The documentary also features Ellis sending a Playmobil Astronaut to space via weather balloon and if you’re a collector who grew up the brand certainly you’ll appreciate watching this documentary below:

“Playmobil” is a German toy brand manufactured by Brandstätter Group, which is sold worldwide and its also available in the Philippines!

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