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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

JP Cuison Launches Buzztro & Jarvis the Albino Bat!

04.09.2014 – Buzztro and Jarvis the Albino Bat is another creation from the mind of JP Cuison who was the lead vocalist for his former band Kiko Machine, comic book artists who brought you Punnx Komiks that featured Mighty T.

This is his fifth solo show and for the first time the characters would look authentic like the real Saturday morning cartoon show. If you missed seeing his last solo show being ‘Misplaced’ this time Buzztro & Jarvis will take you into a new adventure.

Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn in ASM 2!

04.09.2014 – The upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 has mentioned previously before going into production that the web crawler is going to face two super villains. But it’s a surprise reveal last year that a third one will be making an appearance.

That third one did not get out until they release a three-piece interlocking poster that had Green Goblin in it. There was never even a passing mention of the name until Harry Osborn came and was also seen in the trailer and Dane DeHaan takes the role…

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thirty-Minute Amazing Spider-Man 2 Defines Box Office!

04.08.2014 – Columbia Pictures Philippines recently invited press media attendees to see the thirty-minute preview of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night. The preview consists divided into three scenes and some seen in the previous teaser trailers.

This is the same sneak preview that was shown in Singapore during the weekend celebration culminated with Earth Hour. Sony Pictures takes a playbook to test the audience reaction that was also done with ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ last year.

Fire & Rescue New Trailer & Posters!

04.08.2014 – Planes: Fire & Rescue was one of the trailers revealed during the special 30 minute preview of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from Sony Pictures. The new adventure for Dusty Crophopper expands from being a single engine racer to an aero fire rescuer.

The next adventure from Dusty begins here in Fire & Rescue meeting new friends and facing a challenging adversary.

Aquaman & The Others Signing with Lan Medina!

04.08.2014 – Last Saturday Comic Odyssey hosted another comic book signing with Filipino artists Lan Medina at the latest store in Fully Booked, Greenhills. His last signing event he did the artwork for Marvel’s Minimum Carnage Alpha in 2012.

His latest work brings him to the world of DC Comics launch of a new title in Aquaman & The Others #1 that came out with two covers. Local fans troop to the new branch of Comic Odyssey to support Mr. Medina in his latest endeavors with DC Comics.

More Man of Steel 2 Casts Announced!

04.08.2014 – The untitled Man of Steel sequel, Batman VS Superman may have been pushed to the 2016 date where Captain America 3 is scheduled. There’s so much news to find out more about DC Entertainment big screen superhero match up.

You’ve heard the big news about Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Batman’s Butler in Alfred Pennyworth. More cast announcements revealed by Warner Bros…

Monday, April 7, 2014

Rio 2 Press Screening with Nico & Pedro!

04.07.2014 – Nico & Pedro the characters from Rio 2 opened the press media screening last Saturday to invited guests and friends to get a first look on the new film. The mascots have been touring the malls and will be present during the regular showing.

Organized by 20th Century Fox there were activities too for the kids and photo booths for everyone to have the opportunity to hangout with Nico & Pedro before seeing the advance screening. Jollibee gave away their latest Kids Meal toys featuring Rio 2!