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Saturday, September 19, 2015

APCC Manila 2015: Pokket Vampire & Live Toy Design!

09.19.2015 – Besides launching ‘The Crystal Key’ during Asia Pop Comicon’s ‘Media Day’, J★RYU has another surprise that can be found in this event. He also launches a teaser for his next project, which would eventually his new Art Toy.

He mostly spent the day at the Guest Area meeting new faces and introducing the Art Collectible or namely the Vinyl Toy few have seen by mainstream aside from the ever growing popularity of the Funko Pop. But the Pokket Vampire is new for you to see…

APCC Manila 2015: Guest & Signing Area Experience!

09.19.2015 – Asia Pop Comicon Manila continues this weekend and the crowd build-up starts today. One of the highlights for this event is the announced guests, which you’ll meet either at the Guest Area or the scheduled Signing Area.

All systems go yesterday when APCC Manila opened its doors to the public on a Friday. But the build up will definitely happen today as most of the fans are looking forward to the Captain America: Civil War teaser but the guests here are the highlight.

Friday, September 18, 2015

APCC 2015 Manila: Filbar's | Hot Toys Exclusives!

09.18.2015 – Filbar’s will be at Asia Pop Comicon Manila and they are bringing the Hot Toys collectible action figure as their main product line. The Philippines sole distributors to anything Hot Toys related will also have these figures on display.

The granddaddy of comic shops in the Philippines has evolved into a pop culture store powerhouse since new owners has acquired the company from the original founder in 2012. Not only they bringing high end collectible like Hot Toys there’s a lot more…

APCC Manila 2015: Tomica Booth & Exclusives!

09.18.2015 – Asia Pop Comicon Manila opened its doors for ‘Industry Pro’ for those who work in a company or have their own business this is a great opportunity to see what to expect at this show. This is mostly what con goers see on ‘Preview Day.’

For those Tomica series’ diecast vehicles you’ll be surprised what else they have revealed aside from the TEM (Tomica Event Models) series during ‘Media Day’. Certainly you’ll be in for a treat that you might spend the day at APCC Manila.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

APCC Manila 2015: Five Things & More to See!

09.17.2015 – There are more than ways to have the best fan experience at the Asia Pop Comicon and it begins with your support to the local and foreign artists that made this event happen in the first place and continue that to the next show to come.

The first day is always the eruption of excitement for those first time attendees who has never went to any international fan conventions. There’s a lot to go around but here are a few things you should be excited about the very first APCC Manila!

APCC Manila 2015: Media Day Exclusive Reveal!

09.17.2015 – Asia Pop Comicon Manila ‘Media Day’ has a lot of reveals last Tuesday and besides the highlighted guests that surprised the media its also the merchandise that comes with it that where on display that is quite an unveil.

Chief among the exhibitors to check out at APCC Manila are Ban Kee Trading bringing the Gundam Caravan and Tomica Event Model exclusives available only for this show. But there’s more to see like Comicave Studios and Filbar’s exclusives!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

APCC Manila 2015: Media Day Sights & Highlights!

09.16.2015 – Asia Pop Comicon Manila ‘Media Day’ has given the media a sneak preview what to expect for this event.

The press conference has a lot of surprises aside from the announced guests featuring Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me and J*Ryu.

The surprise for ‘Media Day’ of course is Jeremy Shada, who is voice behind Finn the Human in Adventure Time and his band Make Out Monday.

The other guest to grace on a Tuesday afternoon is Allison Harvard from Asia’s Next Top Model.