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Friday, August 16, 2019

Mythology Stories | Bakit Kakaiba si Nanay

08.16.2019 – Filipino Komiks has been popularly known presently with Supernatural Folklores that delve with how tall tales of the unknown that has put the country in the map. Neil Gaiman himself is a certified fan of this genre that fans clamor for him to write his own take that he can define his thoughts about this genre, but immediately declined and try to promote it by inviting Filipino writers to tell their own stories.

There are subgenres in it too besides the Aswangs and Mananaggals you find the Philippine Mythology very much rich and unexplored. But there are writers who have become household names like the Arnold Arre or Mervin Ignacio, Budjette Tan, and the list goes on that defined how Filipino folklore became what is it today.

But there are also new writers who are putting their work forward like Mitzee Bajet, Mervin Malonzo, and here’s Ardie Aquino with his latest short story anthology “Bakit Kakaiba si Nanay at Ibang Kwento ng Talulikas” (Why is Mom Different and Other Tolerable Stories), which is pretty much a mouthful concoction of fresh takes of the folklore in his own vision.

This short story anthology was recently released over the weekend last Saturday at Komikon’s 8th Indie Komiks Market or synonymously known as “Indieket”, where this event focuses on the self-published works of Authors, Illustrators, and storytellers that they produced by their own without the support of an actual publisher.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Agents of Atlas #1 | Riding the Wave of Artists

08.12.2019 – The weekend had full schedule of Filipino comics-related events with Komikon Indieket now at everyone’s rear view. This continues with the signing event at Comic Odyssey that has been announced a month early. This is after the reveal for the “Agents of Atlas” regular series spinning off from War of the Realms Saga.

The first issue features four variant covers including the regular release that featured artists Leinil Yu doing Wave, Carlo Pagulayan with Jason Paz inspiring the classic Giant X-Men #1, and special painted cover by Mico Suayan. The event had long lines at Comic Odyssey handed down numbered stubs.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Vinyl on Vinyl | Family Day

08.08.2019 – There are contemporary artists and then there’s Reen Barera whose humble beginnings as a visual illustrator started selling creations at a local Komiks convention and they were just designed heads with no bodies. Most of his inspiration from creating them was from being deprived not having toys growing up.

He continued to develop his “Ohlala” character from an artful head to a full body art toy. This evolution also continues to expand with its storyline and other characters were created as Barera become known in the art scene locally and international. This time he brings all of them with his new works at Vinyl on Vinyl for “Family Day.”

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Batman & The Outsiders | Lesser Gods Part 3

07.11.2019 – The third issue of Batman and the Outsiders brings you to the team in pieces after Ishmael has taken away and presented Sofia to Ra’s al Ghul. The battle of the minds with The Chief Demon was trial by fire for Sofia. Like any super villain, The Demon is playing the long game.

“Lesser Gods” deals with a lot of moving parts after the events from the previous issue. Batman’s roles in this latest iteration of this series are more ‘hands-off’ giving Black Lighting and Katana to get more spotlight as how they put the team back after Ishmael has beaten them to save Sofia.

Bryan Hill certainly crafts a slow build-up narrative in getting to know more about the core characters that feature Orphan and Signal to make the roster accompanied them by Kaliber.

Dexter Soy’s art style has evolved over the years has improved from the Japanese Manga style to his own. Of course, the creative team won’t be without Veronica Gandini’s colors that pop out that stands out.

This series dynamic with Batman only giving pieces of advice behind the scenes makes it all the more interesting to read…

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Toy Sightings | Fortnite by Jazwares

07.10.2019 – For those who never play videogames or only heard in passing Fortnite was a popular Online Videogame from Epic Games that spawned three different themes namely Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative. It is so popular that it produced several merchandise behind it.

Of course, the toys also follow where the popular game has become with the usual character you use in the game itself. McFarlane Toys owned the rights to produce 6 to 8 inches tall action figures and then there are the smaller figures that has just recently arrived and sighted at one of the Toys R’ Us stores in Metro Manila.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

AVCon 2019 | The Weird & Wonderful

07.09.2019 – AVCon has ruled the halls of the Adelaide Convention Centre as the event took center stage Friday night with the introduction of guests and what to expect for the three day experience. From the retro games, Cosplay, and the abundance of merchandise that filled halls this year breaks new records in attendance.

It is one of the major pop culture events that have been around the City of Adelaide that continues to get bigger with the full coverage as follows how things rolled out on what to see in this year’s event!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Playmobil the Movie | Robotitron

07.08.2019 – Playmobil has been around since the early 1970s and used to be a rival of another construction toy brand. The past couple of years Playmobil starting to ramp up with their product slowly acquiring licence properties that made them relevant again with the acquisition of Ghostbusters and How to Train Your Dragon.

This August 2019 they’re set to bring the brand further with the upcoming Playmobil the Movie, now that the toys tied to the animated feature film has started to appear in Southeast Asian stores there are some favorite characters already making the rounds in group forums namely the silent Robotitron!