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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Secret Fresh | Quickstrike

06.29.2016 - There are artists whose works are grand but you’ll be surprised how humble and unfamiliar when you meet. Those types of talented individuals are those who more want their work to be known than the artist.

Luis Lorenzana is one of those types of individuals, who have his works featured in well known art galleries in world and yet you don’t see him as the headline. And then there’s his one-man exhibit at Secret Fresh entitled “Quickstrike.”

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Monde Nissin x Uniqlo LifeWear Launch!

06.29.2016 - If you’re a nerd into collecting and runs out of funds, the most time you spend on food ends with a bowl of ramen. It’s a staple for someone having a hobby and who tries to survive with having ramen.

Well why not only eat a bowl when you can wear it too? Monde Nissin and Uniqlo collaborate to produce t-shirts carrying the distinctive designs of iconic Filipino brand, Lucky Me!, and the country’s favorite cookie sandwich, Bingo.

Ghostbusters: Are They Ready to be Called?

06.28.2016 – The new “Ghostbusters” is less than a month away to hitting the cinemas, and for this generation for those who has never have seen the original in the big screen would be delighted that this one is rolling ready for ghost hunting.

It doesn’t need much fanfare that the new Ghostbusters is almost ready to take some calls to weed out some supernatural occult that’s preying a victim out there. The reboot is not just a nostalgic ectoplasmic entity but something more is revealed…

Monday, June 27, 2016

Star Trek Beyond "Sledgehammer" in New Trailer!

06.27.2016 – “Star Trek Beyond” is nearing its screen date as Paramount Pictures continue to promote this third film from the rebooted universe that JJ Abrams has directed in the 2009 film and 2012’s Into Darkness now as producer for this one.

The latest trailer not only brings you visual scenes from the upcoming film, but also featuring “Sledgehammer” a new single by Rihanna. Of course the new trailer gives spotlight on Kirk, Spock, Bones and new faces that you’ll ever see.

Funko Pop! TV | Sharknado

06.27.2016 – Today begins a week-long special program for “Shark Week” on Discovery Channel that became popular since its first program went on-air on July 17, 1988. Originally an annual special devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks.

To promote the beginning of Shark Week here’s a closer look at Funko Pop TV’s Sharknado, which is based from the B-Movie that spawned sequels and the time that you’ll never get your life back seeing it other than that this art toy looks good…

Sunday, June 26, 2016

NOVA | HILO + GORI: Seventh

06.26.2016 - Bonded by blood the ‘SEVENTH’ painting exhibition featuring siblings HILO and GORI is not just a celebration for seven years in the art scenes it’s also about the achievement of their dreams in making it happen.

The featured two-man show between brothers proves that you can artist too if you strive for it. The testament that this art show will inspire you to do something about it as they both already living the dream and continue to spread the art appreciation. In case you missed it the opening night was just right…

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Spider-Man #4 | Ganke & Goldballs

06.25.2016 – Miles Morales can’t get enough breaks from his reality and superhero life. You’ve got the coolest abilities and a little bit better than the original Spider-Man, but what makes it even more challenging is having a friend named Ganke.

Ganke and Morales’ father are the only two people who know his secret identity; because you need people that you can trust when the going gets tough. But what‘s makes even more difficult is you have a friend who tries to be more than just a friend who teaches you about life and becoming Spider-Man.

Of course add pressure when a new student an ex-X-Man named Goldballs is added to the school, and makes Ganke make things harder for Miles to keep the secret. The stress must be far worse what Peter Parker was getting back in the day. But at those school years where Parker kept the identity all to himself.

This is a contrast to Miles Morales who just wants to have a decent life and one of the two people who you trust starting to act like he wants to be ‘cool’ too by letting Goldballs know what Miles is going through with the ‘superhero thing,’ was definitely uncool.