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Saturday, August 27, 2016

APCC Manila 2016 | Metals Die Cast

08.27.2016 – If you happen to miss the previous toy-related event then you must not miss Asia Pop Comicon Manila. JADA Toys’ Metals Die Cast will be at this event for the weekend featuring soon-to-be-released on retail figures.

Previously Metals Die Cast made its debut at the recently concluded Toy Kingdom’s Toy Expo 2016 revealing what’s coming to their superhero line of figures from DC and Marvel. Some of the images weren’t revealed featuring all these new characters, but this time here are some of them that you might find them interesting.

APCC Manila 2016 | Places to See & More

08.27.2016 – The first day of Asia Pop Comicon Manila in the new venue at the SMX Convention Centre has already have crowds lining up early in the morning.

This is probably the first pop culture convention to have rented the entire SMX Convention Centre for the next three days.

From top to bottom all halls used by the organizers have been occupied and if you happen to missed the first day there are some interesting exhibitors to go to this Saturday that you surely not to miss.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Metals Die Cast | Civil War Iron Man (6" Inch Edition)

08.26.2016 – JADA Toys has been known for a company that produce high end Die Cast and Remote Control cars. It’s been their identity that separates them from other brands that produce similar products for the last seventeen years.

This year they entered into a new market where they introduced their Metals Die Cast series beginning with “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and followed it up with Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. Here’s a closer look at Iron Man one of the main characters from their 6” inch series that also includes Captain America.

Arrow | Can’t Be Stopped Trailer

08.26.2016 – Oliver Queen has gone through a lot with the death of Laurel Lance and Star City recovering from the events from season 4 things are not the same. But now as acting mayor he has a lot on his hands besides just being a politician.

Team Arrow is somewhat no more as revealed during the panel at Comic-Con. Diggle went back being enlisted in the army and his sister shows disinterest holding the fort.

Kate Mara's Mission in "Morgan!"

08.26.2016 – Kate Mara has gone to space and once became a superhero, but this time she’s on a mission to save another life in the upcoming sci-fi horror film “Morgan.”

From her rescue mission in “The Martian,” Kate Mara stars anew in the upcoming action thriller where her latest mission brings her to a remote, top-secret location where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Toy Expo 2016 | Trolls

08.25.2016 – The upcoming Dreamworks Animation’s “Trolls” is also going to have its line of merchandise that features action figures, plush toys, and collectibles. It was sighted in the recently concluded Toy Expo 2016 at the SMX Convention Centre.

One of the iconic brands from the 1980s is making a comeback with its 3D animated feature film having new characters voiced by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. Now their characters get too made in toy form as seen on one of the displays at the Toy Expo over the weekend.

The Flash | Time Strikes Back Trailer

08.25.2016 – The Flash season 5 is nearing its air date this is one of the superhero shows highly anticipated when it goes on-air on October 5. Barry is in trouble now that he went back in time to change things namely save his mother.

But everyone already knew about Flashpoint and the changes he’ll encounter in the present. The CW already released a new teaser that its only the last week of August.