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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Attack on Titan Philippine Release Date Announced!

06.20.2015 – “Attack on Titan” is a ground breaking franchise and the Japanese knows how to create innovative concepts and stories that even the western are in awe for its original though out ideas.

When the anime series made it our Japan it was expected there will be a cult following to this manga-based series.

The popularity would expand to the pop culture mainstream in various form and event included in a TV for a car brand.

Sights & Highlights: Terminator Genisys Paris Press Tour!

06.20.2015 – The “Terminator Genisys” press tour rolls out in Paris, France with Arnold Schwarzenegger,, Emilia Clarke with Director Alan Taylor. The cast and crew talked to the media about the upcoming film.

Arnold’s vocal about this franchise which is some sort of a comeback film, since his last outing as the T-800 in Rise of the Machines. The last one they just used his face in Salvation, but Genisys is righting some wrongs in the franchise…

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Meal Japan 2015: Tom & Jerry w/ Shaun the Sheep!

06.19.2015 – Everyone is wondering if Japan is part of the Asia Pacific region. Yes McDonald’s Japan is part of this region, but doesn’t necessarily mean they follow the other countries what Happy Meal they release given the Minions mania is back.

It depends actually which country goes out of its own and cater to their local taste. Given that Japan is one of the countries stands out with their uniqueness their Happy Meal right now aren’t the Minions but Tom & Jerry and Shaun the Sheep

Kung Fu Panda 3 Kicks Off with New Trailer!

06.19.2015 – The first teaser images for “Kung Fu Panda 3” reveal Po’s biological father voiced by Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Godzilla) shows his search for his lost son. At the same time it shows Po’s first encounter with another panda.

The awkward scene played out in the first teaser image with the people around them wondering if these two pandas would reunite. Then DreamWorksTV released the trailer of that particular scene…

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer Reveal!

06.18.2015 – “Hotel Transylvania 2” is back with a new trailer this time its not only to tease you. But to give you an idea what’s happening in the lives of Johnny and Mavis now that they have a bundle of joy in little Dennis.

Changes are happening quickly at Hotel Transylvania as Dracula and “The Drac Pack” tries their best to make Johnny, Mavis & little Dennis feel home in this latest trailer…

Arnold Pranks Fans... For Charity!

06.18.2015 – “Terminator Genesys” is less than a month away and the cast has been doing rounds for their premiere tour. At the same time Arnold Schwarzenegger the star of this franchise who has been for most of the film’s beginning has other things in mind that seemed quite amusing.

It’s rarely you see an iconic star do this but if you’re just a random fan would you be quite surprised what’s he has in store for everyone?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jurassic World's Chris Pratt Gets Pranked!

06.17.2015 – If you’re portraying a Velociraptor trainer and wrangler you would probably be aware about everything by now that they are not real. Just like the ones in the mega blockbuster in Jurassic World.

But for Chris Pratt who made Owen Grady a likable character and a subject of fan theories in the film wasn’t ready for ‘actual’ dinosaurs to surprise him…