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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Meal Spotlight: My Little Pony!

10.08.2013 – My Little Pony is one of Hasbro’s iconic brands developed in 1983 primarily marketed for girls. The brand itself was revamped four times with new and modern to appeal to new market.

It would be considered Hasbro’s staple product following the original My Pretty Pony toy which was introduced in 1981. The current MLP is the fourth generation that has five iterations of the series within the toy line that started in 2010. Happy Meal released promotional toys earlier this year which was re-released for the Asian region.

The ponies feature colorful bodies, manes and a unique symbol on one or both sides of their flanks. These are referred to in the two most recent generations as "cutie marks.”

These current MLP characters were released together with their counterparts in Transformers for the TF Prime series. Since these are primarily marketed for girls the popularity of the MLP has evolved that it gave interest also to male adults collectors known as a Brony.

But what made this brand that started the pony-collecting scene is the making and selling of custom ponies. The idea may not as popular in the mainstream having a customized pony but it has become part of its culture art form in which common or poor-condition ponies, called "bait", are redesigned according to the vision of the artist. This is similar to the blank vinyl toys but the pony as pre-existing character that was customized.

The ones released by McDonald’s for their Happy Meal promotion mostly solid plastic with rooted hair for their tail that comes with a circular comb that connects above their head to make them as your danglers.

But for a collectible as these MLP’s you’d rather keep them somewhere to avoid having them lost or stolen.

They are more popular than the Transformers toys that came out for the boys as they immediately got sold out. It features four ponies in Apple Jack, Lily Blossom, Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Each pony is unique with their featured “cutie marks” to identity them immediately.

The most sought among the four was Pinkie Pie which immediately got sold followed by Rarity then Lily Blossom and Apple Jack. The figurines don’t have any articulated joints as they are fixed in their permanent pose. Lily Blossom is the only pony featured with wings has all four of her feet to the ground while the two (Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie) have one leg up in a very interesting pose. Rarity is a unicorn breed doing opposite one-leg up pose with a diamond “cutie mark” that describes her character.

Each pony comes with a colorful circular comb as sort of a connector if you want them as a dangler for your bag that can be attached to your zipper pull.

Overall interest for the ponies definitely made them an interesting collectible which also brought back the iconic Happy Meal Box and if you haven’t got one pony make sure you get them as they are almost sold out.

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