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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

MOTU Origins | Jitsu

The realm for Masters of the Universe is diverse, colourful, and interesting in that it expands its characters battling for good versus evil. He-Man and his heroic warriors and Skeletor include a plethora of characters that are ready to side with him to conquer the walls of Castle Grayskull.

In the original release of the vintage toys, there weren’t many diverse characters that did not associate with most kids with ethnic minorities until the later part of the toy line steadily introduced characters from freakish features to obscured individuals that would have potential in the succeeding interpretation of the toy line.

Jitsu is one of those rare characters that can associate with both Asian and African-American kids with his features. The name and his appearance really in the toy were interesting, but in the old Filmation animation, there wasn’t any airtime to even expound his origins as compared to Fisto, his heroic counterpart.

The original mini-comics that came with the figure certainly delved into the character, and how Skeletor employed him in siding to take on the most powerful man in the universe. Like most MOTU action figures his introduction to the cartoons was very limited just to drum up in promoting the toy that was released in 1985.

His appearance in the episode “The Dragon Invasion” the year before Jitsu’s toy was released is different very different from the final product. He is merely a background character as opposed to Fisto’s origin and how he first encountered He-Man in the enchanted forest. Also, back in the day, Jitsu would be perceived as a racial stereotype one of the reasons the toy was released the year after.

Non-Chopping Fist of Fury

Like most MOTU Origins figures are packaged in a blister card that shows the figure and sometimes has a blurb featuring a gimmick. For this Origins figure, it obviously shows that he doesn’t have his classic action feature as the original toy had a chopping action similar to Fisto having the same gimmick.

This figure was part of the Wave 7 assortment along with the Sorceress, Buzz-Off, and Mini-Comics Stratos (Featherless Stratos) for 2022 early this year. At the back, it shows that he’s battling Fisto (released for Wave 5 assortment), and the usual explanation of the figure’s action feature is by just putting his sword in his hand.

Master of Martial Arts

Despite not having his action feature gimmick, Jitsu still sports his gold chrome (a first for Origins figure) fist and some gold ascents on his gold armor, which mimics the one with the vintage toy. But for this modern take on this retro character, the armor is no longer solid plastic shells replaced by soft rubbery material.

Of course, the MOTU Origins basic mainline of figures can be customized with removable parts as explained on the sheet of paper that is now included with this figure as well as the mini-comic that features all of the characters that came with Wave 7 that highlights Jitsu on the cover.

Featured Articulation:

  • Head on a Swivel Joint
  • Ball Joint at the Shoulders
  • Swivels/Bend at the Elbow
  • Hinges at the Wrist (Left Hand, while Chromed Right Hand is not removable)
  • Turn at the Waist
  • Hinge-like Ball Joint at the Thighs
  • Swivels/Bend at the Knee
  • Boot Cut Swivel
  • Ankles Moves Side-to-Side

Man with a Golden Fist

Jitsu is one of the underrated characters in the realm of MOTU, and rarely a favorite compared to colorful characters like Beast Man, Trap Jaw, or Mer-Man. It’s great that Mattel has added him as early to the assortment of Wave 7 compared to being in the middle of the pack of figures back in 1985.

It’s unfortunate that he loses his chopping action feature, and it is understandable DUE to the modular playability of the MOTU Origins toy line. He gets more action poses and with that menacing gruff look ready to take on any Heroic Warrior besides Fisto that is considered his direct counterpart.

Overall, Jitsu is an interesting character and if you have Fisto they are the best pair of Good versus Evil on your shelf or even outdoors taking a swipe at each other. The gold chrome fist and gold accent on Jitsu’s armor were remarkably recreated by Mattel in getting you the retro–style feels taking you back to having this same figure.

Jitsu is part of the seventh wave "NEW for 2022" Masters of the Universe Origins from Mattel, which is distributed in the Philippines by Richwell Global Inc retailed at ₱ 999.75 (**$ 26.98 AUD | $ 20.86 USD) that was acquired at Ollie & Co Glorietta. For more about MOTU Origins and the store that carries this toyline follow them on their social media via Facebook!

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