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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Vinyl On Vinyl | Make Mistakes

If you happen to be touring around the Makati Central Business District or exploring the urban scene stumbled upon Built Cycles in Poblacion. Maybe you happen to discover the underground gigs happening in SaGuijo Bar finding these random murals that are vaguely familiar.

Of course, a visual artist like Raise Hell can give you that recall that's quite the distinct originality, which definitely stands out when it comes to the creations of this mural art that you might have seen all over the city. This time Vinyl on Vinyl puts a spotlight on her works and how she learned from the mistakes made that made the artist known.

Friday, February 24, 2023

HW Batman | Batman Forever Batmobile

“Batman Forever” was a surprise following the exit of Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Tim Burton vacating the director’s chair to helm the third Batman film. Replacing Batman/Bruce Wayne was Val Kilmer, and around that time his popularity with his previous films made him a suitable replacement. But Joel Schumacher as the director for this one was quite an uncertainty in the 1990s.

The same goes for how the fans would take it as something else. With the ‘New’ Batman everything is also different, and the term ‘semi-reboot’ was not yet the catchphrase everyone was used to. Although one thing that has caught everyone’s attention is the ‘New’ Batmobile that Kilmer will be driving in this next Bat-Film.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

PIMS 2022 | Visuals of Saturday

The weekend was surely busy for the Philippine International Motor Show, and each of the thirteen car manufacturers have their way of promoting and marketing their products through special activities as well as a little bit of pageantry for the last three days this Saturday was busy indoors & outdoors.

There are activities for both the enthusiasts and the kids who want to be like the big boys. This event is surely is packed with something to look forward to from these car brands with this year’s theme about mobility and going electric with the changes for how humanity moves and travel either two-wheels or four-wheels.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

PIMS 2022 | Biggest Car Show Returns

It only took four years to wait and this event has been one of the highly anticipated car shows in the Philippines. This country is ready for another big event and this time in the form of the Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), which is organized by the Chambers of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) on its eightth iteration dating back to 2007.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Swatch + Dragon Ball Z | Choose Your Hero

Dragon Ball is an iconic anime franchise since the 1980s and continue to conquer the world with its ever expanding anime series and theatrical films. Their latest is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that has been released in Japan back in 11 June 2022, and it is having its succeeding releases in selected parts of Asia.

In the Philippines, it will be shown 31 August 2022 that unexpectedly to coincide the release is Swatch that just unveiled their collaboration with Toei Animation that produced the “Swatch x Dragon Ball Z” watches featuring the iconic characters from the original series, and it sure is something to add to a Dragon Ball fans’ collection!

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

MOTU Origins | Jitsu

The realm for Masters of the Universe is diverse, colourful, and interesting in that it expands its characters battling for good versus evil. He-Man and his heroic warriors and Skeletor include a plethora of characters that are ready to side with him to conquer the walls of Castle Grayskull.

In the original release of the vintage toys, there weren’t many diverse characters that did not associate with most kids with ethnic minorities until the later part of the toy line steadily introduced characters from freakish features to obscured individuals that would have potential in the succeeding interpretation of the toy line.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

MOTU Origins | Flying Fist He-Man

MOTU Origins continues to chug along in 2022 with new figures and assortment from their basic range of characters, which also include the Deluxe Editions that have extra parts and weapons as well as alternative head. Mattel is all out making this one of their flagship brands that they revive for the retail. This truly shows the brand recall despite no animation based on this take on the modern classic has a huge following.

With that in mind, this means that deep cut characters and versions that was produced during the original release of the toys might make it to the Origins toyline. spotlight.