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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Komikeria | Road to Komikon 2023

After nearly three years of hiatus, Komikon returns with a pop-up event at the Robinsons Galleria that started a workshop a week earlier and then with this one-day Filipino Komiks-centric event known as “Komikeria” that is a whole-day affair featuring old and new publications focused on graphic novels and singles issues.

The last Komikon dates back to November 2019 until the world shut down, but they never stopped there with virtual events. But the virtual interaction is not the same as how you meet people in person. These little steps in their return to bringing physical events with “Komikeria” are also a pathway to return to the beginning.

There were not many programs or scheduled activities, but this mini-event features a collaboration with Next Comic Art bringing Manila-based international artists working with well-known publications such as DC and Marvel.

Of course, the primary showcase of the event is the past, present, and future of Filipino Komiks through the curated wall of the gallery that shows the early days of the golden age of Filipino Komiks and the current publication that continue to grow from the grassroots.

The venue is located on the fourth level of Robinsons Galleria, where the old Magoo’s Pizza and Bowling Alley used to take space where the whole day affair was the venue near the escalators. It might that much space for a full Komiks-related event, but it is the start of the return of Komikon.

In case you missed out on the whole Saturday affair, here are some images taken from the tail end of the event…

Reunion of Old Friends

Komikeria is taking a subtle way of celebrating the local Komiks community focused solely on independent and established publication of original graphic novels as well as those that have become fan favourites in the previous years.

This event is sort of a reunion of old friends and for some families who haven’t seen each other in the last three years and this is a slow return of the status quo for physical events that all roads lead to Komikon.

Although Komikon is nearly months away to return this is also a ‘reset’ for the organizers in going back to their roots dating back to 2005, and what would also be quite a homecoming with the first ‘Summer Komikon’ from 2009. Just keep updated on the announcements with some surprises too.

Komikeria is a one-day event that was recently held at the Robinsons Galleria on 18 April 2023 that leads to “Komikon: Homecoming” with more announcements soon. For more of the upcoming events follow Komikon on Social Media via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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