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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Komikon 2012: Happy Girl in a Birdhouse of Penguins!

10.28.2012 – Before you purchase a ticket to enter at Komikon 2012 there are some sponsors in this year’s event that you might find interesting. Beside the free taste with an attractive woman giving away flyers to promote their product there are three non-komiks related goodies you must have missed.

They are Bird House Bakers, Happy Girl Co., and Penguin Sews which was stationed near the Komikon table where you purchase your ticket and also a quick information area for first-timers of this convention.

Komikon is getting bigger every year and along the way it’s not only paving the way to promote the Philippine Komiks culture and industry it also promoting anything related to pop culture. It’s becoming THE real convention that highlights the artists and creators in the country. You don’t see that often as Komikon does it since 2005.

First up we look at three of the non-komiks related booths that you might have missed visiting and taking advantage of the products they have that you might find interestingly unique.

Birdhouse Bakers

The Sta. Rosa Laguna-based bakers started their store sometime in 2011 and specialized in custom-made Cakes, Cupcakes, & Cookies.

Birdhouse Bakers had this Pre-Halloween theme going on in their table with presentable cupcakes and interesting enough they even have the Limited Edition cake featuring Rommel Estanislao’s komiks creation in Lipad which was being sold at Komikon.

Happy Girl Co.

If you’re looking for something unique and different on its own Happy Girl Co. might have something for you as they make made-to-order clay crafts and accessories.

The recently launched shop based in Valenzuela can take orders online through their Facebook Fan Page. Once you confirmed your order it will take 3-5 days to be sent to you but it can be done earlier depends on the design you requested.

This is their first appearance at Komikon having some interesting clay crafts created and inspired from animation, comics or even from videogames. If you find their clay crafts interesting check their products online you might find worth sharing now that the Holiday Season is just a few months away.

Penguin Sews

What caught the table’s attention that has Birdhouse Bakers, and Happy Girl Co. was the handmade plush toys of Jake the dog and B-Mo the computer, the characters from the hit show on Cartoon Network in Adventure Time!

It was Penguin Sews who actually hand sewn these latest iconic characters from that hit TV show that everyone is talking about.

They mostly create handmade items from lanyards, ID lace, coin purse and plush toys. Penguin Sews can make these through made-to-order since they are not sold by the bulk but limited upon request. These hand sewn products will definitely find your interest have your own exclusive Jake or the Instagram camera as your own accessory.

All three have their first appearance during Komikon 2012 and you might not see them on the next one. But if you find their products interesting just visit their individual Facebook Fan Page for details and don’t forget to LIKE each one of them.

Birdhouse Bakers
Happy Girl Co.
Penguin Sews

Support their ingenuity in creating unique and Filipino inspired creations as wells as based from anything related to pop culture for your needs.

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