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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tron Legacy: One Man Light Jet!

11.21.2013 – Tron: Legacy is a science fiction film that was show in 2010, and it’s the direct sequel to the classic 1982 movie. Of course during its upcoming film there was a huge promotion marketed around the sequel and there will always merchandise tie-ups.

Spin Master had the chance to get the rights in manufacturing a toyline based on Tron: Legacy that has action figures and vehicles based on the film. They released the toys but some of them where not mass produced like the last wave.

The core figures are G.I. Joe scale but slight smaller, and they have vehicles that was released that was based on the movie. They were released prior to the screening but not all of them where entirely available outside North America.

Previously there where unreleased toys that was featured, which includes the Light Jets and action figures that never made it to the US market.

There where three figures that never made it in some parts of Asia namely Quorra, Jarvis and the very much rare Castor. Among the three Castor was the most difficult to acquire due to that it was about a few thousands were made.

The vehicles have been rare too and the ones that are hardly released outside North America are the Three Man Light Jet and the One Light Jet. Both aerial vehicles made it to be sold in clearance and can now only be found sold at online auction sites.

The One Man Light Jet is an interesting vehicle counterpart to the Light Cycle. It’s packaged the same way the Light Cycle came out but minus the window to show the product. Because when you take out the toy there are minor assembly is needed like attaching both wings. When you assemble the One Man Light Jet it becomes a bigger vehicle this is due to its wing span.

It includes a non-poseable Blackguard action figure, but no need to go through the details. So replacing the Blackguard Clu takes his place as the pilot of this vehicle.

Like the Light Cycle and Quorra’s Light Runner the One Man Light Jet has electronic gimmick which mostly the light effects. It also includes two projectile missiles to add some play value when you attack the Light Cycle from the ground.

The light effects are powered by two button cell batteries which were stored in the belly of the One Man Light Jet. There are no landing gears for the jet to land and if you haven’t seen the movie, the mostly appear the way the Light Cycle is activated on the digital world. It’s the first time in the Grid in that realm there, were flying vehicles unlike back in the original classic film the only thing you can runway from are the Light Tanks.

There two ways how the gimmick works, its either you attach the figure to tis pilot position or press the button near the tail of the jet. The light flickers and becomes stable for a few seconds when you press it with the figure in it. But if the figure is not in the vehicle the lights just simply flicker for a few seconds.

Overall the One Man Light Jet has some cool factors at the same time an intimidating aerial vehicle for those who only acquired the Light Cycle and Light Runner.

This appeared towards the climax of the film that included a chase scene with the Three Man Jet which arguably the biggest Tron Legacy vehicle. But since there is no reference for the size comparison with the One Man Light Jet it’s obvious that the wing span would appear this to be larger than the ground vehicles that was first released.

The One Man Light Jet is manufactured by Spin Master and was only sold in some parts of North America and no reports that it was available in Asia.

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