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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marvel NOW: All-New X-Men #1!

11.18.2012 – Finally it’s out. The All-New X-Men #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen has been released which was a welcoming launch by Castle Geek that features the local cosplay group and raffling off a the coveted Cyclops sketch by current Xtreme X-Men inker Dennis Crisostomo.

The comic book has been talked about and had a lot of teasers which build up to the release of the new flagship title replacing Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 2) changing the world we see about our merry mutants.

There was a lot of talk, discussions and debates that you get lost in the world you don’t read monthly.

The concept of the series would be quickly sold out having time travel and bringing characters from the past seems like the element that would entice new or even old readers to pick up this book.

This series is not just about time travel but also the original characters taking them to their future and how they would react to what they've become.

But it has to be written in a great story with the right execution for the formula to work. Everyone has read the premise that the original X-Men would be the spotlight of this new X-title and to so much degree some would wonder how’s that going to work?

If you have read or watched any movie or TV show that has time travel elements would go back to Dr. Emmett Brown’s philosophy about space time continuum. But THIS is Marvel comics and ANYTHING is possible when you talk about time travel and what not. Some might say… “Screw the time travel paradox and give me a great book to read!”

Brian Michael Bendis really has to bend a lot of rules to make that happen and with all the Marvel Now titles coming out why not give this book an honest look. Marvel is aiming for “shock value” after the big kahuna that brought down AvX. Stuart Immonen definitely made these classic characters look great and you can look closely how this was done. There were a few splash pages and the pencils really is something to look closely as the action picks up. The interaction of the characters will be something to look forward to in the next few issues.

Marvel has now opened up a can of worms with the new title and definitely something of the much used concept reinvigorates the interest in following these beloved characters. In a matter of fact the original X-Men might grow on you to like them as how you think they would be surprised to see their future selves ending up being villains.

If you’re disappointed about the recent Uncanny Avengers #1 this might be to your liking with time travel elements having a talented team that has Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen taking this title to uncharted waters let’s see what’s next for our merry mutants. Even though in reality there's nothing new to see in this series but add a different dynamic how it will be presented in the months to come.

There would be infinite and possible new stories to follow and if you’re a new reader or an old fan giving this title a try then you’re in for a ride of your life as the next issue comes out in two weeks.

Congratulations and thank you Castle Geek for making the successful launch where this comic book is sold. For more upcoming titles and events LIKE to be a fan of Castle Geek on Facebook!

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