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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spider-Man #1: What Did You Do?!

02.25.2016 – “Spider-Man” for all everyone knew it was always Peter Parker, a teenager gaining all the abilities from a radioactive spider that bitten home. Beneath the costume is a struggling young man dealing with school and life besides taking down the bad guys left and right.

Throughout the decades most who have known Spidey in all forms of medium has seen him grow and the character indeed have changed. But that Spider-Man was from a different generation most fans has gotten accustomed to while they are growing up. Peter Parker can’t stay young forever and as loon as his story is told things change and this generation might not get the same feel as those who first saw him.

Here comes Miles Morales from the Ultimate Universe that replaced the previous Spidey in that world who also survived the recent Secret Wars. Now that Marvel has integrated him in the main universe Miles become more of this generation’s Spider-Man and things will continue to change. But with Miles Morales appeal can agree with this generation not with Peter Parker, but this kid who may be the better version of the original that everyone has ever known.

So Marvel gives him a new “Spider-Man” series after the events of Secret Wars and for Miles his world is becoming bigger than just trying not to flunk school. He is indeed the modern version of Peter Parker only this time more updated that the original and more room to tell the story of a teenager struggling to leave a legacy of becoming a hero that has grown to be.

For someone like Miles Morales, the character certainly way different with what Peter Parker has went through as an adolescent, because this generation is different that can relate with this Spider-Man. Peter Parker is now more of a poor man’s Tony Stark and hardly some would appeal to the current status of the original web slinger.

Miles Morales despite being originally from the ultimate universe is the modern version of what Peter Parker in the past with less of that too much drama. This comicbook can attest for that thanks in part to Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli as they are brought back to this book that created the character.

Overall run in the first issue points that Marvel has bigger plans for Miles Morales, and in replacing the original Spider-Man he truly fits in the mainstream Marvel Universe. Peter Parker expands his adventures globally but there’s nothing like a web swinging superhero being a protector of his now adopted city.

There are already two characters sharing the name Spider-Man, but this time in the comicbooks when you think of it now it’s going to be Miles Morales. The stories Miles will face is something refreshing like the way he relates to the young ones who will get the chance to read this book.

Next: Spider-Man #2!

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