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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Playmobil | Sightings at Rustan's Makati

There have been more sighting news about the arrival of the latest Playmobil range in the past week and this only happen in just one location of Metro Manila in the Philippines, which is simultaneously being rolled out also in other retail locations. It can be possible in your area that is good news for those hoping to get their chance to picking up what’s new for 2020/2021 catalog.

The most recent sighting is another store with bigger shelves to fill, and that is the Rustan’s store in Makati City. Like the previous store that had the bigger sets this also have the same mentioned sets and more.

The main themes are from the City Action and Galaxy Police range that surely will renew your interests. But there are also some sets that are only available at this store that can’t fit in to some of the retail stores that does not have enough room for bigger sets. Like the ones from City Life that expands the daily lives of some interesting Playmo Figures in the urban side of Playmobil.

Of course they also have the entire range from Novelmore and Pirates that were already sighted from other stores, which the images after this listing will sum up that there’s more to come. For now, here are the listings for those sets that were not found in the previous stores complete with price point:

City Life

  • 70146 Take Along Vet Clinic | ₱ 3,399.75 | $ 91.88 AUD | $70.05 USD
  • 70195 Physical Therapist | ₱ 1,499.75 | $ 40.11 AUD | $ 31.03 USD
  • 70197 Eye Doctor | ₱ 1,499.75 | $ 40.11 AUD | $ 31.03 USD
  • 70202 Car Repair Garage | ₱ 4,999.75 | $ 134.54 AUD | 102.88 USD

City Action

  • 70338 | ₱ 5,699.75 | $ 153.47 AUD | $ 117.29 USD

Galaxy Police

  • 70018 Police Truck | ₱ 6,799.75 | $ 182.97 AUD | $ 139.94 USD
  • 70023 Pirates Helicopter | ₱ 4,299.75 | $ 116.26 AUD | 88.59 USD

Adventures with New Stories

There are potential stories a child can make out of these new range of Playmobil for 2020/2021 and it’s up for them to choose, which are those narrative will bring them to that reality by picking up which theme they fancy. This also adds to interest to those who have grown up with the brand as Playmobil continues to be relevant with their main core themes and with Novelmore, there’s brand new adventures waiting to be told either in their displays or through their toy photography.

Staying Home instead?

Bankee, the Philippine distributor of Playmobil gives you option to shop online without the need to travel for you to pick up the latest sets from the 2020/2021 series by going to their Lazada page link HERE.

Playmobil is distributed in the Philippines by Ban Kee Traiding Inc. For more upcoming events and other inquiries follow Playmo PH on Facebook!

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