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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Manila Pop Con | Saturday Highlights

There were so many highlights as eventful as the Manila Pop Con descended at the Ayala Mall Manila Bay, where it was bannered by two international guests featuring Mackenyu (One Piece Live Action) and Mela Lee (American Voice Actress) who was also graced by participating local cosplayers bringing their “A-Game” on stage.

It is open to the public as the main stage is at the atrium at the ground level, and you’re not going to miss the loud noise emanating from the fancy stage with sophisticated lights and sounds. The area is packed as the mall goes past the area, where you will also find vendors selling their anime-related merchandise.

Speaking of merchandise, one of the main sponsors and organizers of this event happens to be J&G by Jag Jeans who also carry the Lee clothing brand, which has produced exclusive merchandise for Manila Pop Con, which includes jackets, jumpers, shirts, and jeans.

They are prominently seen near the stage as you will not miss the plethora of products that they have on display, and beside their booth area is Coca-Cola. But J&G by Jag Jeans has something that stands out on their display that is rarely seen in a clothing brand that is something of a special collaboration that has also caught some attention.

Cosplays on Stage

But before going through the highlighted merchandise, the event’s main attraction will always be seeing participating cosplayers walking in and out of the stage. The individuals pouring their passion into putting together a costume is next to none. In this age of upping up the quality of costumes things have been leveled up.

Besides the cosplay, the merchant area for all types of geeky merchandise can be found just in front across the stage. From tabletop games to action figures, there's something for everybody. It is part of the convention attraction to see all types of merchandise being sold in the area is quite impressive.

LEE + Bearbrick

Bearbrick is a popular art toy from Japan and has produced some of the rarest collaborations that command high collectible prices for some of those past releases. LEE partners with Bearbricks to produce not only the clothing but also a rare exclusive Beabrick for the LEE brand.

This was one of the eye-catching products out there on display that some would not even care to bother, but Bearbrick is a very popular Art Toy in the world, and people just pass in and out of the booth do not notice how the art toy would be sought after someday. Not to forget, the tie-up clothing that LEE produced for this collaboration.

Ohlala at Mindstyle

The autograph signing is one of the highlights of the day for those unknown Reen Barrera, is a visual artist behind the character Ohlala who has received his first ever Funko Pop courtesy of Mindstyle. Most recently, he has collaborated with four artists for the “Cross Over” group art show. This time taking a break from his busy schedule to work on his next projects he takes center stage at the Mindstyle booth for his Ohlala figurine which is limited in release exclusive only to Mindstyle and Vinyl On Vinyl with this special signing that will be also happening Sunday, which is the last day of the event.

You can catch up with Reen at the Mindstyle booth while enjoying the spectacle on stage with the cosplay and guest appearances for this year’s Manila Pop Con as well as check out the booths at the fourth level as there are more participating vendors in the area just in case you have a free weekend ahead!

Manila Pop Con is happening currently from 18 to 19 November at the main stage in Ayala Mall Manila Bay. Reen Barrera appears at the Mindstyle booth courtesy of Vinyl On Vinyl Gallery.

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