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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smallville's "Dominion" - directed by Justin Hartley

Smallville fans! There are only 2 episodes left till the 2-hour series finale on May 13th!

With CW's "Smallville" ending after 10 years, last week's episode "Dominion" was handed over to regular Justin Hartley as his directorial debut. A fantastic way to reward the talented actor-writer who can now add "director" to his resume.

The episode showed Clark and Oliver returning to the Phantom Zone in attempt to find out how a prisoner managed to escape from that dimension. Over there, they meet the leader of the "very lovely folks" in Phantom Zone - General Zod (by the fantastic Callum Blue), who is also kinda looking for a second-in-command playmate.

Red Dot Diva won't give away too much spoilers - but she says there were gladiator-styled fight scenes which very well choreographed and quite violent. There were lots of Omega symbols. And someone got Tess staring down the barrel of a gun.

Overall, Justin did a great job with the direction - especially in the scenes that Zod was in.

Congrats, Justin!

Now, Red Dot Diva has to prepare to say goodbye to one of the more entertaining series on TV.
How is she ever going to get more of her Green Arrow fix next time? :(

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