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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Adventure Time's BMO Speaker!

11.12.2013 – BMO is the computer ally of Jake and Finn in the world of Adventure Time. This little computer sounded robotic with a child’s voice. It’s one of the unusual characters you’ll come across on the show aired on Cartoon Network.

This BMO speaker is not a license product, but the maker of this has put dedication and impressive craftsmanship that pass up as an original. It’s also one of a kind that you’ll never see an identical twin, since it was made with great inspiration.

It was first being sold in September at 98B’s monthly gathering of artists and sellers in the old Escolta in Manila. But BMO was never bought until last month, when the “Future Market” came once again.

The art was designed by Milo one of the talented artists who represent Polarities, but entirely this was made by the group. Polarities is a group of young talents that has been a regular at 98B’s Future Market, where they sell their original work or inspired from pre-existing material. They also sell some nifty vintage toys from the 1980s. BMO was one of those one of a kind stuff, that’s being peddled at the Polarities table.

Taking a closer look BMO is made of wood, and handcrafted with great inspiration from the hit animated show, Adventure Time. The front face is close to the details of BMO’s animated counterpart.

Behind the speaker box there are details too, but what makes this BMO unique is it’s a speaker. Below the speaker controls are located that you can plug in a cellphone charger. This is to have enough juice to play your favorite music. On his left side facing you there is a small hole, where the sound comes out and a wire with jack for you to plug a mobile phone or digital player.

The downside about the speaker is you need to turn up the volume of your phone or digital player to hear the music. Because BMO’s volume is all amped up to max, and the indicator that supposed to let you know it’s working no longer light up.

Overall the design and craftsmanship is great. But the technical side of incorporating the speaker that was used was not loud enough to fully appreciate it. But it is one of a kind until probably the Polarities team comes up with a new version of BMO, which they claim having no plans to make another one.

The other downside is that, the speaker or the electronic part of BMO is sealed away. You can’t replace his internal battery if it’s all used up. But the creativity in making this speaker box is unique all its own.

Its art and technology all rolled into one that makes this BMO speaker not only unique. But also the only one that was made which was sold at 98B’s Future Market.

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