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Friday, June 15, 2012

Batman: The Dark Knight -- The Rise of Bane!

06.15.2012 – The Dark Knight which was written by Paul Jenkins and art by David Finch who we spoke last March during his Philippine visit shares us issues of #6 and 7 where they re-introduced Bane to the New 52.

The character is based from the fictional Caribbean Republic of Santa Prisca who first appeared in the Vengeance of Bane #1 back in 1993. Bane better known as the man who broke The Bat in the Knightfall saga has became one of the major villains Batman has faced over the years appearing in animation and the last Batman movie before Begins.

If this comic suits your curiosity then please turn your back away from this trivial review as we warn you that there are potential spoilers that might take away the interest in wanting you to grab this copy.

This special issue of Batman: The Dark Knight compiles the issue #6 and 7 in one format which was exclusively distributed by DC Comics Entertainment.

There might have been previous individual reviews made when the original issues came out a few months back. We’re here to share some insights that might give you some nods from the various media that represented Bane now that the upcoming the Dark Knight Rises is month away from its global release.

In this special comics reintroducing Bane to the New 52 Universe that DC Entertainment has introduced late in 2011 gives us some bits and parts of the already established character. The first few pages we see Superman in his red brief-less duds that we will also see when Man of Steel hits the screen in 2013.

If the first few panels got you lost on what really happened here which started with issue #5 where the rogues’ gallery got induced with a mixed version of the toxin Bane use to enhance his strength and also makes him smart now. This includes Batman who fought Superman which takes us to the aftermath of the first pages of issue #6. What we find in the next pages is Commissioner Gordon speaking to Detective Branston that vaguely resembles actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Officer John Blake in TDKR film.

The mysterious White Rabbit who first appeared in the first issue of the second volume was the one behind the fear toxin outbreak which is mixed with venom making those who have taken it become immune to fear. Inspired from the White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland” we’re still confused about this character.

After being revealed that Jaina Hudson (who Bruce Wayne is exclusively dating in this comic book) and White Rabbit is one character we’re still left with more questions how this works. Does she have super powers? Or there’s a technology under those gloves?

Bane in this New 52 universe is bigger more brawnier than the first introduction of the character which takes us back to the Batman & Robin movie of 1995 who is featured as the mindless minion of Poison Ivy.

The same character played by Uma Thurman in the film is also in this issue which is the opposite where she was the boss while in this one she’s the victim who fears Bane. This is kind of a nod to the film that some of us are trying to forget most specially the “Bat Nipples” in George Clooney’s costume.

The Bane we used to know is now an amalgamation of the previous iteration of the characters in the various media. He’s big literally (based on the appearance from Arkham City videogame) and more addicted to a new version of the venom toxin which makes him smarter too. But it took away his athleticism as what would be Batman’s equal pre-New 52 who we gradually see his emotional side as the leader of Secret Six.

This is an interesting issue for those casual readers who don’t really collect the series or a regular comic book reader who gets introduced to the character who would soon take the stage as the main villain in the third and last chapter of the Batman movie trilogy that Christopher Nowlan directed.

This compiled special issue is not for sale but only given out by DC Comics Entertainment licencor of the merchandise who are promoting the upcoming Batman film with parent company Warner Bros. Entertainment and it will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures when the film opens on July 19, 2012.

Overall 5/10 for anyone who has followed the series and for anyone who happens to acquire this book it’s just a good read nothing more.

So if you happen to drop by the basement level of the old ice skating rink in SM Megamall at the Mega B there’s a DC Comics Event happening. Who knows they might giveaway this compiled edition of Batman: The Dark Knight issue #6 & 7 over the weekend. The original comics are sold at $2.99 each and we assume there’s no compiled edition sold in comic shops but sold individually.

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