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Saturday, June 9, 2012

GeekFight!: Trivia Night 29th Event: "School of Geek!"

06.09.2012 – The Geek shall inherit the Earth and that’s all we geeks are destined to do and we’re not flipping to overreact.

But the last night’s Geek Fight Trivia Night is definitely for the hardcore of Geeks.

This the twenty ninth Geek Fight held at the Quantum Café and the theme is “Geek School Night” that one team even went there way to dress up to be students for this occasion.

But out of the teams who participated only one emerged victorious taking home a box of comic books.

Established sometime in 2009 by two guys who put up not just your typical pub quizzes event but took it to the next level to the realm of “GEEK!” which gave birth to the GeekFight! Trivia Night is an irreverent and rowdy team-based quiz that specializes in geek, hipster, and pop culture.

The event has grown to on its own in the pub scene and you’ll see some of the well known faces in the “GEEK” community that featured cosplayers, comic book junkies, toy collectors, hobbyists and everyone who is defined to appreciate the popular culture. Last night’s rumble was definitely another night to remember with questions that you might have know but could not recall the answer.

If you don’t have ANY idea what’s going on inside the usual “GeekFight! Trivia Night” these images can give you an idea what happened last night…

The next GeekFight! Trivia Night happens on July 13, 2012 which celebrate the event on its second anniversary and it’s going to be a “Friday The 13th” that day and if you want to join in assemble a team and get ready to rumble!

For more details about GeekFight! Trivia Night visit the Official Website or LIKE their Facebook Page where you can find the updated events and announcements!

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