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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DVD on Rewind: Batman, Are You Ready To Begin?

07.25.2012 – Following a successful run of The Dark Knight Rises we look back to start with Batman Begins. We have seen it so many times that some of you might have memorized some popular lines from the film. The acknowledgement of this film deserves more than just a review and we’re sure some have not seen this film entirely.

Last week Warner TV Asia (check you cable listings) showed Batman Begins on July 15, 20, and 21 to promote the release of The Dark Knight Rises which was shown in the Philippines on July 19, 2012 and had a special press media premiere at the IMAX Theater in the SM Mall of Asia on July 18, 2012.

Going back to the beginnings of Batman the production had a budget of $150 Million US Dollars and pretty much darker than any previous Batman films ever released. Taking inspiration from Richard Donner’s Superman films Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer wrote the screenplay of the film. They also took inspiration in Batman Year One, Batman: The Man who Falls, and Batman: The Long Halloween.

It was commercially and critically acclaimed when it was shown June 15, 2005. The Philippines had a special promotional screening tied up with Globe Telecom.

There was even a special gallery on displayed at the Gateway Mall featuring a full size batmobile (not based in the film). There was some collectibles on display and on exhibit a month before the showing as part of the promotion prior to the film’s release date. The DVD was released on October 18, 2005 and there were two versions.

The DVD edition we reviewed id a 2-Disc release released for Asian markets (Region 3). Disc one contains the movie and one full trailer with subtitles in English, Korean, Thai, Thai Narrative and Bahasa Indonesia. The second Disc is more interesting it has a comic book feel on the menu where it contains behinds the scene special features broken down to segments which includes concepts, designs and development of the film as well as Christian Bale’s transformation into Batman.

The second Disc also reveals Gotham City, the Batcave and Wayne Manor as well as the concept in building the Tumbler and there’s a lot more.

Story wise there are some elements and revelations that you need to know if you plan to watch The Dark Knight Rises in cinemas or rather wait for the next few months for its home edition release. This film sets out to give us a realistic perspective of Nolan’s Batman which definitely changed the way we see the film and seven years ago he managed to succeed in doing it.

There was also a special box set that was released which includes a paperback booklet of Detective Comics #27, Batman: The Man Who Falls, and an excerpt of Batman: The Long Halloween. It was also successful in its release via home media and the success of this doubled when promotions of the Dark Knight which came out in 2008.

Without a doubt Batman Begins defined what it is to be more than just a super hero film. The success of this film brought in The Dark Knight and now The Dark Knight Rises which is now playing in IMAX Theaters and traditional cinemas all over the world from Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment!

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