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Friday, November 16, 2012

LEGO® Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta from Shell V-Power!

11.16.2012 – LEGO® has come a long way being the pioneer of construction toys which is imitated by others. But still IT IS and will be the first company to produce interlocking plastic bricks and it has endured over time.

It has been one of the iconic toys that continue to stay fresh and new presenting countless imaginative creations. What brings us to this particular interest is the recent collaboration between LEGO® and Shell services in bringing these micro-propelled Ferrari vehicles.

These tiny machines are exclusively available at all Shell stations nationwide and previous details where explained how to acquire to complete all seven LEGO® sets.

We take a look at one of the sets featured which is the 250 GT Berlinetta a two-seater coupé that was popularized by Ferrari in the 1950s and 176 units were only made, the first to incorporate disc brakes. The classic sports coupé is a legend in its class making Ferrari known for its “Little Saloon” that others followed to use the “Berlinetta” label.

The LEGO® set no. 30193 contains 32 pieces including the chassis that has the “pull back engine” that allows to propel this tiny machine in any flat surfaces. Building the Berlinetta is not that difficult just follow the instruction manual and this also comes with a sticker label.

This Ferrari is a classic with curves defined the profile of the 250 GT Belinetta as sleek an sexy almost close to its real life counterpart. Released in Ferrari’s red trademark color this car definitely stands out among its other micro-propelled relatives. In fact it’s the one classic Ferrari in the line-up that makes this car extra special.

The 250 GT Berlinetta stands among its modern relatives to be the only vintage Ferrari recreated in LEGO® bricks and elements. There were notable parts not seen in other standfard LEGO® sets that are being sold on retail and one of those elements is the detailed rims. The other parts which are entirely solid piece elements are the slope that makes up the shape of the car.

Overall the 250 GT Berlinetta is a car on its own, that distance it from the modern Ferrari vehicles that are also being released exclusively by Shell services.

The only way to acquire these LEGO® models for PhP 180.00, is to gas-up for PhP 1,500 pesos worth (either a single or accumulated purchase) of Shell FuelSave Unleaded or diesel. But if you use Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing, Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline or Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel you can get a set for only PhP 140.00 pesos.

This promo lasts until November 30, 2012 so what are you waiting for? Get one of these LEGO® Ferrari from Shell Services while supply last!

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