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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sights & Highlights: Hello Kitty Cars!

12.18.2012 – Hello Kitty has become an iconic brand all over the world, and many young girls from the time she first appeared have also inspired other generations to start collecting her merchandise as one of its interesting hobby.

From plush toys to home appliances there’s every Hello Kitty theme that has been released but what about cars? There are fans that make it happen and the recent events happening at SM City North Edsa featured an exhibit that has have Hello Kitty themed cars on display.

There are three Hello Kitty cars that were parked in front of the Skydome where the Great Christmas Toy Sale was being held on its last day. Walk-in customers pass by the exhibit will definitely notice its attention due to that one of the cars is playing loud music.

The event might have been held on its last day of exhibit and if you have not gotten the chance to see it on display here’s a set of photos of these cool wheels…

There was a 1994 Toyota Corolla painted in red with Hello Kitty decals as wells as the upholstery down to its sound system was colored in pink. The exterior of the car is full of ANYTHING Hello Kitty. It has won numerous awards for the best female car which was owned by a businesswoman who has been a fan of Hello Kitty ever since.

The next Hello Kitty themed car is the 2009 Suzuki Celerio complete with the face of that famous Japanese cat painted in its hood. Just like the previous car it’s heavily been inspired and dressed up with EVERYTHING Hello Kitty down to being displayed side by side with the figurine.

An iconic car dressed up and inspired by the iconic cat will surely catch a lot of interesting motorist driving along with this Brazilian manufactured 1977 Volkswagen Beetle. This blue and white VW bug perhaps the most interesting car among the three being a classic version and not the current one that’s been around which have the Hello Kitty themed inside and out.

Each car is unique with one single interest in Hello Kitty dressing these three is very much entertaining to catch on the road. You can have your picture taken for prosperity along with this car and who knows if you did not see it this past weekend you might see it in the streets from a distance.

Probably they might appear in the next local car show somewhere that is something to appreciate seeing how dedicated these fans are putting their fan appreciation to the most loved cat from Japan!

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