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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dream Tomica 144: MarioKart 7 Mario!

02.20.2013 – Mario Kart is the longest running racing game with its current version released in the Nintendo Wii U game console.

It’s one of the greatest multi-player racing experiences being a diverse game mode that has a rich replay value of its entertainment fun.

Mostly a fun experience being played also in handheld gaming consoles for Nintendo that younger kids enjoy playing with the same group who has a Nintendo 3DS.

Tomica the die cast collectible toyline of Takara Tomy pays tribute in some of its selected characters featured in the Dream Tomica series of pop culture related cars not only about Mario Kart. A collective various properties from comics, videogames, and other assorted well known characters gets featured in the Dream Tomica that has something to do with four wheel vehicles.

There are actually 12 collectible die cast cars from the Dream Tomica series divided to five properties that came out in 2012. So far only three properties are currently available in the Philippines and they are already difficult to come by if you are into collecting die cast cars.

Of course one property that has become a pop culture phenomenon is Mario from the Mario Bros. videogame and the characters has been a long standing identity when you talk about the Nintendo brand and its impact in the gaming industry. Mario the Italian plumber along with his brother Luigi had become known and had several videogame spinoffs that defined not only Nintendo but the property itself which has been a favourite by younger boys who had the experience to play the game.

The Dream Tomica that Mario drives is based in the 2011 Mario Kart 7 videogame for Nintendo’s handheld game console in the 3DS. Mostly the chassis of Mario’s kart is made of die cast, while the figure is plastic and the muffler is rubber. The wheels are hard plastic and the figure is not removable.

Takara Tomy really puts quality in this die cast collectible as the details of Mario definitely top notch and it’s one of the sought after vehicles in the Dream Tomica series that has been rarely seen in toy stores that carry Tomica products.

This is a premium die cast collectible that had more details compared to the standard Tomica cars that’s being sold locally. The die cast collectible is all-original that does not recycle or borrow any part of its vehicle to previous cars.

Mario’s colors of red and blue definitely stands out comfortable seated in his signature racing kart that has his “M” logo in the front and having yellow colored rim painted in its plastic tires. Diminutive but worth it if you really nit-pick the quality of a die cast collectible car. There’s no color variation aside from having Yoshi as his racing competitor in the Dream Tomica series.

Of course the rest are based from the properties of the Batman films, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Tomica Rescue, and Transformers Prime which has the Autobot Leader and his trusted rookie in Bumblebee in their vehicle mode that has not been released.

Dream Tomica's MarioKart7 Mario with the designated number #144 is manufactured by Takara Tomy and locally distributed by Ban Kee Toys with the a retail price of PhP 299.75 pesos.

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