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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toy Sightings: Iron Man 3 Movie Series!

02.21.2013 – The Iron Man 3 promotional starts with the released of the merchandise and what not. If you are an avid enthusiast then this might be to your liking regardless of any form that can be related to the upcoming film.

The huge popularity of Iron Man that began almost 5 years ago is a stat of bigger things either good or bad. The popularity of this character is only rivaled to DC’s Batman which had recently ended its trilogy in 2012. But for Iron Man this is just a beginning not only in the films but in sales of its merchandise.

Playkit the local distributor of Hasbro products in the Philippines has released the latest Iron Man toys and accessories in the previous weekend.

The sightings of the new Iron Man collectibles based on the upcoming film is like the teaser poster and trailers that was seen during the recent Super Bowl that is building anticipation on what could be Marvel’s next phase on the road to the sequel for Avengers.

These toys sighted might be underwhelming for long time Iron Man enthusiast but its something new to see in one of the local stores in Manila…

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