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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Halle Berry Storms Days of Future Past!

03.05.2013 – Perhaps it might not be big news but an update that build the anticipation for the next X-Men film in Days Future Past. After Bryan Singer’s success full box office return in the director’s chair with Jack the Giant Slayer.

Now we turn to what fans are anticipating to be the biggest one yet for Singer to helm. Of course we’re talking the franchise that put his name on the map in Hollywood.

It has been a long time coming but his twitter update gives a big Storm to come.

The news on Bryan Singer’s update on Twitter the cast of X-Men Days Future Past gives added weight what to expect in the film now that Oscar Nominated actress Halle Berry returns as the powerful Storm.

Singer has previously revealed the cast from the original X-Men trilogy previously and joining Berry are Ian McKellan (Magneto), Patrick Stewart (Professor X), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Anna Paquin (Rogue), Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde), and Shawn Ashmore (Ice Man). Not to mention the cast of actors from X-Men: First Class!

X-Men: Days Future Past is going to be bigger which opens in cinemas on July 18. 2014 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Picture Studios in the Philippines!

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