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Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Meal 2013: Despicable Me 2 Minions!

06.24.2013 – Remember the days during the time when Happy Meal came out with the 101 and 102 Dalmatians during the late 1990s where everyone got caught up with its popularity to collect more than 102 dogs.

McDonald’s these days still brings good quality toys but they can only have in selected regions.

In the previous stories told about such releases like the Megamind toys stands out that you can’t have them released in all regions. This could be a similar thing with the popular Despicable Me 2 minions which has been selling like hot cakes.

McDonald’s Philippines had started selling the minions last June 21st and you have to collect ALL NINE versions.

The US release has not yet been announced the official Happy Meal website but in Australia you thought they have the same line up. But through thorough research the ones released not only have TWELVE minions some of them are different and here’s the observation and comparisons.

There are TWO evil minions released in Asia they are Evil Minion Noisemaker and Evil Minion Chomper. In the US they have TWO different Evil minions that do not look like the ones sold in Asia and they are Purple Minion Babbler and Purple Minion Giggling which means there are actually FOUR Evil Minions that you need to track down.

Then there are FOUR minions that are not available in the Asian release which are Jerry Whistle, Phil Jelly Whistle, Tom Babbler and Carl Rocket Skateboard.

If you have all nine Asian released minions and need to add SIX minions that will be out in Australia and the US which means there are FIFTEEN minions to have them all.

It stacks up why McDonald’s would have them released in two separate releases when they could have released all fifteen minions all over the world. Then it goes back to the time Megamind came out in 2010.

Sometimes you’ll wonder it doesn’t make sense when they had released the 102 Dalmatians back in the day when there was no limit to the “fun in collecting” these toy meals that has been followed by many each month a new Happy Meal has been coming out with these neat toys. It has grown to something most people who grew up with started to make it an interesting hobby.

Then there is this Happy Meal that doesn’t look like the same thing without the traditional colorful box that has been discontinued in the Philippines. Then the food being served in foreign markets has evolved into a healthy diet for kids. Then you compare to the usual Burger McDo, Spaghetti, and one piece chicken with rice and Chicken McNuggets that is on the menu in the Philippines. But then again the food was a different story and so is the minions that is being released in the US and Australia.

If you’re a fan of these lovable minions you go the distance and complete all fifteen of them which definitely will be sold out.

They cost less than the action figures by Thinkaway Toys and its fun seeing the kids enjoy the gimmick that comes with each minion. Despicable Me 2 opens in 3D theaters by July 3, 2013 from Universal Studios to be distributed in the Philippines by Solar Entertainment.


  1. Hi, I saw the Evil Minion Babbler at a McDonald's nearby. I just didn't take it.

  2. I saw it at McDonald's Commonwealth.

  3. the US is released already I think... :D look =