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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Neil Gaiman Last US Tour: Santa Rosa California!

07.16.2013 – Ten days ago Neil Gaiman on July 6, 2013 held one of his stops for his last US Tour promoting “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” which has become a top book seller since its release.

His stop at Copperfield’s House in Sonoma County in Santa Rosa has produced long lines but not as the one that lasted for three days in the Philippines on his first visit back in 2005 which by far what he describes “The Wall of Sound.” Every stop for Neil Himself is as epic as how huge his followers are whenever he goes.

At Copperfield’s Books there was already pre-selling the tickets to get a chance to meet and greet Neil which was more than two months in advance.

This was indeed what some would anticipate his next appearance in promoting his books while reconnecting some of the fans he met before and would interact for the first time. The registration outside the bookstore has already formed in a sunny afternoon.

There was a small auditorium that housed the huge crowd who were anxious to meet him again which includes our esteemed correspondent who has not seen the man since Anansi Boys came out and had signing at Cody’s Books in Berkeley. But for this day Neil Gaiman was at his finest being… Neil Gaiman.

Everyone was entertained when he read some interesting parts of The Ocean at the End of the Lane with commentaries that where delightfully hilarious to hear. He also read “Fortunately the Milk”, excerpts from the forth coming picture book with artist Skottie Young best known for his variant cover works for Marvel.

Neil Gaiman has not been in the Philippines since his last trip in March 2010 for the Graphic Fiction Awards. That was his fourth visit to the country that he as always said would come back but for now he continues his last US tour and might make a stop at this week’s Comic-Con International in San Diego the biggest convention in the country.

When it was about time to line up they have set up the table for Neil on stage where the line forms and there he was entertaining each and every one. But when it was time for him to meet there some who have seen his first trip knows what his addiction was.

Of course the first time he saw someone got a hold of the Choc Nut was probably the last time he had a pack on his last signing in the Philippines three years ago. Then there was the Calamansi concentrated juice which by far the only thing he kept drinking on his first trip back in 2005 and the most he always mentioned in his journal.

Neil is like a kid again when he sees something he rarely indulges in and what a happy man he was with his Choc Nut and Calamansi concentrated juice. He signed the latest book as well as a previous book he collaborated with Terry Prachett.

The US tour also expands his trip making stops in Canada and UK you can find “Where’s Neil” will be making a stop and for more news visit:

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