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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Meal US 2013: Power Rangers Megaforce!

08.10.2013 – McDonald’s Happy Meal in the US is consistent with the next upcoming toy that they have announced prior to its release date during the availability of the current one in Smurfs 2. The 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers in the US makes the celebration special with the upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce.

The concept for the new Power Rangers Megaforce Happy Meal is not new at all it borrows the same concept in the previous meal toys like Jollibee when they have Voltron in 2008 where you complete all five lions.

This time around McDonald’s is pulling all the stops in bring you the coolest Happy Meal toy ever in the Power Rangers Megaforce. Each vehicle that came with the Happy Meal once completed forms into the robot, Megazord.

It’s all too familiar when Jollibee had the Power Rangers Dino Thunder where three animals form one cool Megazord.

The Philippines' very own Jollibee restaurant with their Power Rangers Dino Thunder released in 2005.

McDonald's US Happy Meal for September 2013 is the Power Rangers Megaforce!

But for the McDonald’s Happy Meal comes with more vehicles to put together one incredible Megazord to celebrate the Power Rangers series in the US. If you’re a big fan of the longest running TV show then you must be anticipating for this release.

Power Rangers Megaforce Happy Meal along with the Justice collectible toys for girls will be released next month for more detail visit the site at


  1. Where can I get one of those Dino Thunder megazords?! I can't find any pictures of it anywhere but this blog!

  2. Hi Ed.

    Thanks for the comment but regarding you inquiry of the Dino Thunder it was released ONLY in the Philippines back in 2005 through Jollibee as part of their Kiddie Meal promotion.

    Unfortunately we don't sell the toys but just search for it online since Jollibee sold it not McDonald's read the caption on the photo.