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Thursday, August 29, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Starcraft II Vengeance Cup Finals!

08.29.2013 – The game Starcraft has produced a huge following in the early 2000s and its sequel with its current expansion in Heart of the Swarm that was launched in March definitely gives you more stories besides its visually stunning game.

This also produced tournaments all over the world that the common gamer is no longer the couch potato, which has broken the stereotype in becoming what you would call a digital athlete representing a country to compete in these tournaments.

The Philippines is one of these countries in Southeast Asia that have passionate gamers who compete in these annual events.

Details about the Vengeance Cup for the country has wrapped up as press announced…

The Philippine leg of the Vengeance Cup is over. Warriors battled at Cyberzone SM North Edsa Annex last July 20 2013, but only two survived the RTS onslaught --- Jose Paolo “JaBiTo” Javier, who got the 2nd Place and received a cash prize of Php 7,000 plus a Razer Banshee Headset and Spectre Mouse; and Caviar “EnDerr” Acampado who ended as the ultimate champion and went home with Php 15,000 plus a Razer Banshee Headset and Spectre Mouse. Event was produced by Blizzard Entertainment and X-Play Online Games, Inc. with partners Netopia, Mineski and TheNet.Com; sponsored by Cyberzone, SM North EDSA, Neo, PLDT myDSL, Razer, Hyundai Home Appliance and

EnDerr and JaBiTo, two of the fastest clickers the Philippines has to offer, will both be competing at the South East Asian Vengeance Cup Finals for the $2,000 first prize and the title of Best StarCraft II player in Asia; although to win, they must go through six other fierce RTS warriors from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

We believe however, that both will be up to the task. JaBiTo thrives in tough competition saying “I personally like the thrill of competition. This is the game for gamers wanting to stretch their strategic prowess.” EnDerr on the other hand feels “A lot of pressure”, but he went on to say “I'm used to it so I think as long as I play my best there's nothing to worry.” Thems fighting words, yarr.

Both finalists are quite excited for the SEA Finals, and are busy getting ready for the upcoming battle. EnDerr mentions that he “practiced some timing attacks and standard builds.” JaBiTo has also undergone his own preparations. “I have practiced and tried to develop new strategies for the upcoming battle,” says the skilled StarCraft vet. Let’s see if their training pays off.

For you upcoming StarCraft II competitors, JaBiTo had this to say. “If you want to be a successful Starcraft II player, make sure you are ready to give it your all. This game requires a lot of dedication and intellect.” EnDerr however had a lighter message. “Good luck! Always do your best and always enjoy!”

Well Good luck to our representatives. To borrow from the recently concluded FIBA Asia Tournament, #LabanPilipinas!

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