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Friday, September 13, 2013

Sights & Highlights: Rush Movie Premiere!

Rivals. Chris Hemsworth as the English playboy James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as the Austrian Perfectionist Niki Lauda. 

Last September 6, 2013 we were invited to an advanced screening of Rush at Rockwell. I really didn't think much of it and I just thought that it was your regular racing movie but looking deeper in the movie I realized just how wrong I was. 

It is mentioned in the movie that men love women but if there is something that they love more than women it is cars and I think that there is some truth to this as I have no interest in cars whatsover but Paul was all on the edge of his seat during the movie. Even if I'm not a big car fan i was very much impressed and enjoyed the movie Rush. You can check my upcoming movies blog post here

Rush tells the true story of one of Formula One's most fierce rivalries between Niki Lauda and James Hunt during the 1976 F1 World Championship. Not only does the story focus on their time on the track but the movie beautifully weaves in and out of their personal lives showing the two racers in a very human light. 

With award winning director Ron Howard at the helm it is no wonder how the movie can really transport you back in time and make you feel as if you really are in the 70s or on the very track where the cars would speed by all in a blur. From the blade of grass to the side of the road that flies up in the air as the cars race past Ron Howard gives you jaw dropping angles and camera motions that will really amaze you. I'll give you a tip- they actually mixed in actual footages of the original races in the movie to you that 'real' feel so watch out for that in the movie! 

Aside from the beautiful and masterful telling of the story, the story itself -true at that of how two rivals brought out the best in each one in the dangerous and competitive world of F1 racing. 

The ladies just love James Hunt. It is rumored that James Hunt slept with over 5,000 women. 
Aside from the beautiful story of rivals and the beautiful and artistic delivery of the story from Howard, I applaud the performance of the cast, especially Daniel Bruhl, who is both annoying and endearing as Niki Lauda. Watching Chris Hemsworth on the screen, I still can't get him as Thor off my head.

I got my eye on you. Niki Lauda staring down his Rival James Hunt before the start of the race. 
Depicting the rock and roll life of James Hunt, there were some nudity scenes in the movie, I would not recommend that you bring the little ones for this film. Aside from the nudity scenes, there is are a couple car crashes in the movie and some graphic injuries. I'm a nurse and I was squeamish with the injuries and hospital procedures. Of course all of it was important in the film, to portray the real danger that comes with the glam of Formula 1 racing. 

There has been a lot of Oscar buzz for the movie and I would not be surprised since it really does deserve an Oscar or two. It's one of those few movies that show you human nature at its weakest and at its finest and you will surely be entertained not only with the speeding cars but with the complicated relationship to which the heart of the movie comes from. 

The real Niki Lauda and James Hunt. 
Super thumbs up for this film! I definitely recommend that you see it! Aside form catching a great movie you also stand a chance to win a trip to Abu Dabi and catch a real F1 racing- just keep your tickets! ;) 

Rush is distributed by Captive Cinema - make sure to like their Facebook page here. Rush is showing in cinemas on September 18, 2013. 

But wait there's more! After the movie we went to a special Rush and Ferrari exhibit in the lobby and Paul went on shutterbug mode and took these photos. Check them out! :) 

Words and Images By Ica and Paul Cheng

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