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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Movie Review: Thor The Dark World!

10.31.2013 – It must be a long time coming for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor to have that spotlight once again. It was a year after the Avengers “battle of New York” that has been several times in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Marvel’s consistency moves on.

For Thor: The Dark World it’s a grand epic film filled with visuals of Asgard and the other realms that gets its first screen time. Mostly it focuses now in the world Thor lives and Marvel makes the huge effort in making this world even better than the first one.

This time it doesn’t feel like being an isolated into one place like New Mexico in the original film. Alan Taylor who better known for directing the Games of Thrones really know where to hit the high notes in making this film.

It’s big and if you’ve seen the Avengers last year or have watched the 2011 original. Marvel pushes the boundaries of fantasy and reality with a great quality of script thrown in where the dialogue was better. Comparisons aside The Dark World stands out on its own without making much reference to the previous films. It just rolls the way how you flip a page of the comic book.

The explanation of fantasy and science from where Thor came from shows how both works in Asgard. If you’ve seen the trailers and couldn’t make out the Dark Elves then you must watch this film to get a better look. The trailers and word of mouth does not justify how good this film turned out to be. The all-star cast is great too with Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, the performance can be said that this film has something special here.

Every part of the film has a cog in machinery that made this one of the best Marvel adapted into movies to watch. Every film they put out has quality in its production from the costumes, props, and the story written for this.

Though some of the characters have diminished roles they still put up quite a performance. There are too many things happening in this film that you have to keep an eye out that you might miss it. The interactions with the cast have some entertaining moments that you have to keep your focus most especially the one with Thor and Loki. For most part the scene with Hiddleston’s performance continue to get raves and he has become a fan favorite in portraying Loki.

There are a lot of explosions and action enough for the film to be this good. But entirely The Dark World has hit the best notes not to be forgotten. It dwarfs the original film’s premise and the stakes are higher. There were a lot of casualties on this film and body counts are more than you’ll see. The pacing was right and it never falters to find your way laughing in some scenes or having a nerve wrecking experience.

Overall Thor: The Dark World gets a B+ for just being a big film with a great story, funny scenes and of course the action that keeps you on your toes. The cast have a great performance. The film has bigger visuals that makes Asgard and the other realms believable than ever before. Marvel has got a win on The Dark World currently showing in 3D and 2D cinemas in the Philippines.

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