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Thursday, October 31, 2013

FIVE Things at Filbar's SM North Edsa!

10.31.2013 – Filbar’s at SM North Edsa has a simple blessing and cutting of the ribbon. This is their third unveiling of their store and second Filbar’s that had a new look. The first one introduced a new-look concept store last July at Festival Mall in Alabang.

Under Collecticons Inc. they opened another store which is the first ever Marvel shop known as “Kapow Universe” which can only be found in the Philippines. Then earlier today they finally have opened another Filbar’s store at SM North Edsa…

The store had a soft launch a week ago which gave you a preview of what the store have to offer for those based in Quezon City.

See Thor: The Dark World for FREE!

Before you enter the store you will easily see a poster promoting Thor: The Dark World, which is currently showing today. For every PhP 2,000.00 pesos worth purchase you get a FREE ticket to see the film and just added info… There are TWO post credit scenes. If you plan to buy stuff at the new store with that amount you get to see it.

Join the Funko Pop Art Project!

It was launched during Indieket 2013 last August but for those who have seen this contest you still have time to join. You only need the Iron Man 3 (MARK XLII) vinyl figure that you purchase at Filbar’s for a discounted retail at PhP 400.00 pesos ($9.26 US Dollars). This only open to Philippine residence and the deadline for submission is November 2.

Filbar’s has so many promotional events happening that this more might have something you to be interested in checking out. The komiks community can be surprised that the books are heavily promoted as one of the store’s advocacy in introducing original Filipino made comic books to the local scene.

When you enter the store you can view all the locally made Filipino comic books at the first shelf you see and that’s something you rarely see in a store like Filbar’s.

Trese Filbar’s Edition!

They have been pushing in promoting Trese comic books that they released an exclusive edition for the store. The three books coming out with new jackets that inter-connect into a poster is clever as for those new readers who would pick it up for PhP 450.00 pesos ($10.44 US Dollars).

The Walking Dead Outbreak Sale!

Previously mentioned when the store opened a week ago and they still have the promotion in ushering the new season for the TV show. If you’re a big zombie fan and has been following the hit TV series maybe you should check out the comic books that inspired it which is available at the new store.

Off With The Heads!

Looking for classic trade paperbacks for a good read? The new store at SM North might have something for you to check it out which is up to 60% off on the titles. They got those old Generation X and Wolverine compilations that you’d like to check it out with some surprises that you might come across.

Read It Before You See It!

Filbar’s has been known for introducing you to the original medium that inspired the films. For those who are inspired to read about their favorite films and television shows the new store has the graphic novels. If you like Thor: The Dark World or want to know the inspiration behind the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the new store has a collection of graphic novels, trade paperbacks of the comic books based on these shows.

Of course Filbar’s won’t be without its merchandise, collectibles, toys, and apparel. They have it in this new store and if you’re based in Quezon City or nearby area having difficulty traveling to their other stores this is the place for you.

There’s this other promotion that you’ll be happy to know starting today for every purchase (with the exception of magazines) you’ll get a FREE Halloween Comic Fest 2013 comic book of your choice while supply last. As they say better late than sorry if Filbar’s missed out the recently concluded Halloween Comic Fest.

But if you missed some of the books that was released last weekend this might be your chance to get one whenever you purchase a collectible or a comic book exclusively at the SM North Edsa branch of Filbar’s.

What are you waiting for? Drop by the store and give them a friendly greet-- Live Long and Mabuhay Filbar’s!

For more details of the new store LIKE Filbar’s Online on Facebook!

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