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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #14: The Day Nor The Hour.

11.30.2013 – Whenever there’s a comic book that has major impact in the story it becomes significant. No matter how good or bad its represented it becomes part of history which is something rare nowadays.

The Uncanny Avengers #14 put some serious history that definitely unexpected. It might have shaken a lot of regular readers to the core on what went down. Rick Remember the chief architect who wrote this book gave this a major turning point…

If you haven’t pick up or read the latest issue of Uncanny Avengers #14, maybe it’s time for you to turn away to MAJOR SPOILERS that might definitely turn you off. Not to forget that the violence and content is for MATURE READERS only. PARENTAL SUPERVISION is VERY MUCH advised.

For those who haven’t followed up what was happening prior to Uncanny Avengers #14 should of course back track what started this major story.

But surely there won’t be any back tracking here as just like the casual observer will treat this as one of those comic books that just came out in the shelf. If Uncanny Avengers #2 was something of a shocker from last year why stop now with #14?


For those who have reviewed and talked about this issue before was still reeling from total shock. There was major impact that happened in this book that not only will have repercussions, but it will also affect the other titles tied up to the Avengers and X-Men.

Marvel’s publication has never been the same when “Civil War” broke loose or the part when Wanda Maximoff “wished” that there will be “no more mutants.” When things go back to normal it was those trying times the mutants where becoming endangered species, which played out a lot of major story arcs and crossovers.

But if you haven’t seen Red Skull picking Charles Xavier’s brain wasn’t enough. This latest issue of Uncanny Avengers was not an idea where everyone would be gone for a while, because they walked away from it but they won’t not this time.


You’ve got to expect there’s going to be major deaths in this issue. But there was no news about that people got used when social media became the “in’ thing. Back in the day there was even a sort of vote by calling a toll free number if you want to kill off a character or “save” it from death.

Well those days are things the past and what Rick Remember did was something outlandish. Something these characters won’t walk away from which is a major shakeup for this book that will carry a weight people will talk about in the years to come.


In the comic book world death is but temporary and the only ones who stayed dead where the non-hero characters namely Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben. Bucky was dead until he was resurrected in 2007 and became the most interesting sidekick to get out of Steve Rogers shadow and you’ll get to see him in the Captain America sequel next year.

But for those major well-known characters who have fallen you can consult to This List for those who never made back to the land of the living. Now Rick Remember adds the list of those permanently deceased characters you’ll never see again.


If you think it would another Uncanny Avengers issue the storyline is still rolling. Wonder Man, Scarlett Witch, and Rogue as major fatality to shock all fatalities is something fans would not be thrilled to see. But it comes with how Rick Remember writes it the way things happened.

Overall it sounded spectacular but at the end of the day it depends on whose reading. But highly suggested to read the actual comic book to truly have the right perspective on how this should have gone about.

The thing with major shakeups like this is everyone wants to see it rather than read the story for all its worth. It’s interesting how things will go about what’s going to happen next now that these characters are gone. What major effects will happen in the comic books these characters appear in?

There are going to be question and of course opinions including criticisms, that would surround the decision why they put death in this issue.

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