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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy, Lived Long & Prospered 1931-2015.

02.28.2015 – If you haven’t been informed in the trending news Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy has passed away he was 83 years old.

For those who have heard of his name and his recent roles in television (Fringe) and the last two Star Trek films, JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” and Star “Trek Into Darkness” should know by now his great influence.

He was indeed the face of Star Trek whenever Spock was in the spotlight even those who haven’t seen the show or the movies his character is ingrained in the popular culture. His most recent appearance was hardly a wink in the German released only commercial for Volkswagen which featured his Star Trek co-star William Shatner as a neighbor driving an electric car from last year.

Born Leonard Simon Nimoy originally appeared as Mr. Spock in the rejected Star Trek pilot episode “The Cage” (1965) then the original Star Trek series that lasted three seasons (1966-1969), and in multiple films, television, and video game sequels. After Star Trek he appeared in minor roles in Mission Impossible, and recurring role in Fringe. He was a stage actor and lends his voice in documentaries and animation like 1986 Transformers: The Movie as Galvatron and the recent live action as Sentinel Prime in Transformers Dark of the Moon (2011).

When Mr. Nimoy’s passing was announced close friends and family took to social media to pay tribute to the man who live long and prosper see below:

He will truly be missed as the man who breath life to half-human Vulcan and fans will missed him the way Star Trek comes to mind he will be Mr. Spock.

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