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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World!

06.13.2015 –If you’re looking forward to a long weekend pretty much you already have plans to watch a movie. By now everyone is reserving their movie tickets to see Jurassic World that have Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and a star studded cast.

Probably you’ve seen enough teasers, trailers, and posters that are going around your nearby movie theater or through social media now that Jurassic World is here for you to see...

This must be 1990s nostalgia enough for long time fans to be excited again after a long wait and yes the park is open. It took almost fourteen years since Jurassic Park III to follow up a franchise that was originally based from the novel of Michael Crichton. For those intrigued with the prehistoric era particularly with the dinosaurs you can bet the interest for these creatures are catching up to the young generation.

The narrative continues and this time successfully opens “Jurassic World”, which is bigger than what Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park and very much just like the original it has underlying themes. But for `World is about how consumer and corporate excess having the genetically hybrid dinosaur in the “Indominus Rex” at the center of the story as that symbol. Where we as the consumer are surrounded by wonder and yet we want more. This is where how the story revolves around in another theme that "those who do not stop evil are supporting and encouraging it".

Not a Perfect Story but it Works

Director Colin Trevorrow definitely worked hard in bringing “Jurassic World” and it acknowledges its past history with the three Jurassic Park films. Most definitely connects with the original from 1993.

It takes the original template of the narrative and blows it up where the park is operational and chaos right just next door back at Isla Nubar. Pacing will one of the key parts of the film that never left you dragging yourself to the story. Though it doesn’t have that certain feel where you’re having the same experience being chased by a dinosaur out there you to see the visuals.

The thrill is all there for you to see, but it doesn’t carry much of the fear factor to get you jumping in your seat. You won’t stop comparing it to the original as most that have seen both films. But Jurassic World certainly stands on its own to tell its own story at the same time giving you a thrilling tour from start to finish.

Remarkable Cast & Entertaining Visuals

What can you say about Chris Pratt as Owen Grady? He’s not Peter Quill and certainly not related to Paul Hogan’s Crocodile Dundee. But he’s equally entertaining as the ‘alpha’ to the four Velociraptors. Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing is not just an operation’s manager in a white suit, but she definitely was tough in those heels. While the rest of the cast are superb in their roles the main dinosaurs steal the scenes from the rest.

“Jurassic World” was fun overall even though the storyline was a bit clunky from the get go, but still delivers what long time fans are waiting for. Though it might not up suspense unlike the original it still give you a sense of nostalgia due to the original score by John Williams was also a crucial part for this film’s success. It was overall entertaining as the previous films. But what makes it separate from the rest is how it captures what Jurassic World is all about. NOW SHOWING.


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