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Friday, May 9, 2014

Kids Meal Spotlight: The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

05.10.2014 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a weekend blockbuster when it hit cinemas as early as April 30th. To push the promotion merchandise where released and Hasbro had the Marvel Legends Infinite Series dedicated an entire Spider-Man collection.

In the Philippines well-known fast food restaurant giant Jollibee had the rights to promote the film through their Chicken Joy bucket meal and limited edition metal container when you pour cold water Spider-Man’s colors appear…

If this any indication Jollibee have the promotional rights the meal toys where not far behind. Previously Jollibee also had the rights to promote the film in 2012 with a controversial set of meal toys that one of them weren’t even exclusive to them.

Most of the Kids Meal toys feature previously doesn’t have Spider-Man in it save that to the non-exclusive and controversial ‘Spider Toss’ that was also available in KFC Malysia, which featured better set of meal toys than Jollibee. The ‘Spider Toss’ is a controversial appearance for a collectible item that was immediately removed from KFC’s store menu.

Fast forward to 2014 Jollibee offers three Kids Meal Toys, that appears to be an improvement from the previous promotional item dubbed the “Superhero Set.” These set of promotional items featuring The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have three toys namely ‘Disc Launcher’, ‘City Leaper’ and ‘Wall Jumper.’

Disc Launcher

The largest when describing the figure that came with it. This includes three discs and three Electro cut out targets. Assembly is required upon opening the plastic bag. This features Spider-Man about to shoot some webbing while perched in the circular base launcher for the discs.

City Leaper

The coolest gimmick in this one has to do with magnets. There’s a launcher for the Spider-Man figurine and makes sure you aim it to the wall that came with the set. It’s the most challenging set in the three that have wall where you can keep Spider-Man at the back when not in use.

Wall Jumper

The smallest among the three that have a base platform for a launcher connected to the wall. Spider-Man ‘jumps’ when you press a small button located at the platform where a static figurine is standing. It’s by far what appears to be a non-Spidey gimmick where the other shoots discs and sticks to walls.

It’s an interesting set of Kids Meal toys from Jollibee and the City Leaper takes the gimmick close to the character. The Disc Launcher has been a common item as the previous Kids Meal that promoted the first team has the same gimmick minus the Spider-Man figurine. While the Wall Jumper is a better display than playing with it since the backdrop have the film’s title on top.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 currently showing in the Philippines from Sony Pictures to be distributed by Columbia Pictures. For more details and updates LIKE the official Facebook Page or visit the official website at:

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