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Thursday, January 15, 2015

DM Minion Made: Ukelele Minion!

01.15.2015 – The popularity of Minions has become a franchise that dominated with a lot of merchandise all various shapes and sizes. But the popular iteration of the characters would be from McDonald’s Happy Meal toys that literally sold out.

But there are action figures too based from their appearances in Despicable ME 2, which dominated 2013 like no other produced by Thinkway Toys. The Collectability of these yellow-skinned servants of grew had a variety of personalities and specific theme and since summer is close the Hawaiian Minions are in the spotlight now…

The Ukelele Minion is one half of the Hawaiian Minion duo that makes up what the theme was based upon. Usually a Minion dressed with its trademark jumper, but this one was on vacation wearing his swimming shorts and Hawaiian flowers on his neck that you can see details all the way to the back.

Like the other Minions produced by Thinkway its packaged in blister bubble on card that describes its name on the front, while other variations that includes Gru and with the rest can be seen at the back of the card.

There’s nothing special about the Ukelele Minion its just that this figure never made it to selected countries like the Philippines, where only the first wave only arrived. There’s news of a spinoff movie featuring their origins would add more characters to the ever growing clan. This Ukelele Minion is something worth getting as one of those theme characters, but it won’t be worth getting if you don’t have the Hula Minion that is the partner for this figurine.

Due to the small size and scale to Gru, the Ukelele Minion had limited articulation as having a permanent pose holding the ukulele but both arms still have joints that you can slight swivel. Though the arms can’t make any full rotation its stuck to playing the ukulele and the quality Thinkway put in this figure is good enough to acquire it.

Its not everyday you see a Minion playing a ukulele and wearing swimming trucks, that’s good enough use for a toy photography by the beach or have it on display beside the Hula Minion as he sways to the tunes of the ukulele.

Overall design is great for something small and the quality doesn’t show its imperfections like paint smudge, but if you’re very much keen on the minor issues you won’t notice it entirely.

This is one of the best Minion figures out there and its all worth having if you’re trying to collect them all, but if you’re only after a theme that you can bring around take its photos this Ukelele Minion might be one of them along with the Hula Minion that’s going to entertain you with a laugh or music in the beach somewhere out there.

Despicable ME Minion Made: Ukelele Minion is produced by Thinkway Toys and it’s sold currently in retail stores in Australia for $15.00 AU dollars.

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