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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Toys R' Us Exclusive: Playmobil!

03.24.2016 – Playmobil has been around for more than forty years it’s the originally known as the competitor for the well known construction toy brand. It was first introduced in 1975 and manufactured by Brandstätter Group in Germany.

The toy brand continues to be relevant even without licensing a major franchise and continues to uphold their roots. Playmobil hasn’t been on mainstream retail since the mid-1990s and now they have been sighted at Toys R’ Us!

In the most part of the 1980s, Playmobil has been known as one of those nostalgia toys of that particular era. They can be considered as a construction toy as most of the figures that came with it needs minor assembly, but not entirely a product that are made of bricks to put together a structure or vehicle.

Playmobil is popular for its figures just like the other toy brand that’s where they are known for. But what separates them from other brands they stand out, and if you haven’t seen the modern Playmobil they’ve been available in the Philippines for the last six years. The only thing that changed is the consumer perspective as previously they are exclusively available at Build City and Hobbes n’ Landes, which is hardly the place for a regular consumer to make the visit.

After so many months being out from their toy shelves Playmobil returns to the mainstream retail with a new distributor and its now an exclusive Toys R’ Us product that are now available at their branches.

Where Playmobil Collectors Begin

If you grew up having Playmobil in your childhood reconnecting with them won’t be that challenge it also introduce the brand to the next generation. For those who are curious enough the best way to start collecting Playmobil is with their blind bag series, which is retailed at PhP 180.00 pesos that features characters from series 7 and 8 for boys and girls that can be easily identified with their colorful bags.

Start with Small Sets

For those who can’t get enough with the Playmobil Figure blind bag a smaller set would be the best way to start your interest with these tiny people. There have been more than thirty themes that Playmobil produce annually and they discontinue one theme and replaced by another. But for those who doesn’t know which theme to start the City Action is by far popular with Fire and Rescue is an interesting line.

Playmobil 1-2-3

The brand is originally a children’s toy but those who grew up can’t get enough with Playmobil that there are dedicated adult collectors out there. But there are also Playmobil for younger kid’s ages 1-2-3 hence the name of the theme. A Playmobil for babies are made by the Brandstätter Group since the regular figures have smaller parts they are also dedicated to produce their brand for younger children.

“Playmobil” is manufactured by Brandstätter Group now available exclusively at Toys R’ Us and locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading Corp. For more about Playmobil LIKE Toys R’ Us Philippines on Facebook!

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