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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dream Tomica | Speed Racer's Mach 5

07.14.2016 – The ‘Mach 5’ is an iconic car that appeared in Speed Race an anime series that was originally known as Mach GoGoGo in Japan. This was serialized in print in Shueisha's 1966 Shōnen Book.

From April 1967 t0 March 1968 it aired 52 episodes on Fuji TV, which was later re-broadcast on Tokyo MX from July 1 to September 25, 2008. It was popular in the US and has spawned a movie in 2008 a successful franchise up to now.

But what make Speed Racer popular are not only the characters, the story or the series itself but the Mach 5. The car is usually the star of the series, which is an iconic image of what Speed Racer was all about. It became an identity of the series from the 1960s which was inspired from real life cars.

There have been numerous merchandise related collectibles that have produced the image of Mach 5 among the cars that appeared in the series. Its still relevant that chicks dig the car, but there’s an entire community that dedicated itself to the series.

But this story is all about a young man who became a race car driver, which is the premise of the series. In Japan the driver’s name is Gō Mifune who is largely known in the west as ‘Speed Racer’ and the car itself is not only named ‘Mach 5’ as the ‘M’ in the hood stands for ‘Mifune Racing.’

Dreaming of Mach 5

Several diecast cars where produced in the image of ‘Mach 5’ in the past including ‘Hot Wheels’ having an exclusive release from Japan and then followed in 2008 based from the live action film. But that was five years ago when in 2013 Takata Tomy had released their version in the ‘Dream Tomica’ series.

This version is closely based from the anime series, but also takes some elements from the live action film that was directed by the Wachowski siblings, the same directors of the Matrix Trilogy.

All White Just Right

The lean and lowered look makes it more stunningly sexy for the Mach 5 to be this impressive in casting that appearance. This also features a new set of wheels that work for this car that seemed to look like it came from a comicbook.

Its streamline image differs from the previous iteration of the car that stands out. Every angle the Mach 5 is like the one you have read in those classic Japanese Manga series. This is worth noting that the details may not be as close to the one in the anime or comicbooks, but it sure takes all the elements to make this Mach 5.

From the iconic ‘M’ down to the number ‘5’ on both sides the details are clean. The headlights and its fins that make the car look mean and wide add distinction to the previous versions. The wheels where more detailed to make it more attractive and its rare for Tomica to have that identity in this car.

Overall appeal to those who have been familiar to Speed Racer would certainly not pass this up as the Mach 5 is an icon in the pop culture world of cars. Just like the other Tomica cars this one has a working suspension that definitely an add-on for anyone to pick this up as one of the sought after in the Dream Tomica series.

“Mach 5” is manufactured by Takara Tomy under the Dream Tomica line and was retailed at PhP 349.75 pesos ($ 7.65 US) in the Philippines distributed by Ban Kee Toys!

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