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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nightwing Rebirth #1 | The Chosen Path...

07.13.2016 – DC’s Rebirth is about moving forward at the same time taking elements of its proud heritage for their characters and continues to make them relevantly fresh. For Dick Grayson’s case it is the next chapter in his life being the original Robin and then becoming a hero on his own as Nightwing that made him known. Then he became Batman twice inheriting the mantle from Bruce Wayne was a tall task.

In his recent adventure he became a secret agent of Spyral, but for those new readers they would be having a difficult time going back to the books how he became Agent. The short story is he was unmasked on television so they have to ‘kill off Dick Grayson’ and that was almost two years ago with the apparent demise of the Nightwing persona up to the part Rebirth came.

Now DC Comics is brining back the character to his roots and the return of Dick Grayson as Nightwing. But how that happened was not explained in this book, but it says that ‘his identity was restores’ making it ‘secret’ once again. In this issue Dick Grayson is back in Gotham hangingout with Damian Wayne. There bits and parts of the scene also shows his last mission as Agent 37.

It was revealed when they went back to batcave with Damian Wayne that there was a bomb planted by the Court of Owls in his nose, which was removed by Dick Grayson using the device he acquired during his last mission as a secret agent. It was nothing how the dynamic between Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson has grown and don’t you just miss that pairing from ‘Batman & Robin?’

It’s quite noting how Dick Grayson as a character has grown from a former son of a travelling circus to Batman’s original sidekick. In all that has happened in Grayson’s life he must be the only Batman character who has aged. Well save that to Jayson Todd and Tim Drake having the Robin mantle and going off becoming their characters. But it’s Dick Grayson who continued to grow from all this characters that makes him a favorite among long time fans who have seen him as Robin, a founding member of the Teen Titans, a former Batman, and now a former spy returning to the character everyone has known since 1984 sans the giant collars.

Now Dick Grayson adds espionage as one of his talent in the Nightwing identity that makes him more than just a superhero. He couldn’t be Batman for now, but Nightwing is all he is and more. This issue also give the dynamic between Bruce Wayne a fresh look in their relationship being the ‘eldest son’ and ‘big brother’ to the current Robin which makes him more interesting to catch up on reading than before.

His next mission now as Nightwing is taking on the Court of Owls in their latest incarnation revealed in the last pages. So the myth of Nightwing is also given reason how he got the name and its from a Kryptonian story that long time fans has heard before, but this time it makes it clear he’s back and ready for the next adventure.

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