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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Justice League Special Comic-Con® Footage!

07.27.2016 - The aftermath of Comic-Con doesn’t end over the weekend. Some haven’t seen nor have red the latest news. But for those who always keep updated without the need to be the first here’s some surprise.

Justice League is still being filmed and the special footage was put together at last minute, which Zack Snyder first revealed it on his Twitter that became quite a trending Sunday morning, but DC & Warner to share it to the world…

This was an unexpected surprise at Hall H when Zack Snyder was introduced with the rest of the Justice League cast that include Henry Cavill. It seems this going to be big for DC and Warner as its major film aside from the individual other slate that featured characters like Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Its quite noting how this was also being put together even though they are still filming. Its sure is an exciting time to be a comicbook fan and if you happen to miss it you watch it below:

Breaking down there’s only a few highlight on this special Comic-Con Footage. But definitely there’s plenty that feature Arthur Curry and Barry Allen in the mix…

That Opening Scene

It starts with a scene where Bruce Wayne have grown a beard and in search of this individual talking to people who lives in an ocean nearby. The feel doesn’t look like a superhero film but it’s on point when Arthur Curry listens to Bruce’s proposition.

The Nerdy Allen

One major highlight for this footage was Barry Allen as portrayed by Ezra Miller. For those who still say this actor doesn’t have potential he definitely does. This Barry Allen looks a little younger than Grant Gustin’s character in the TV series. But some have noticed that they start comparing him to some guy who crawls in some wall.

Didn’t Know Batman was Useful

In some ways Cyborg’s armor look too shiny and appears that it’s floating all over his body. But you got to understand that this was put together for the Comic-Con and it’s not the finish product. But Cyborg does quip a one liner to Batman that he doesn’t exist. Well the Cape Crusader answered back that he’s real when he’s useful.

Man Talking Fish

Most highlights focus on Aquaman and his MTV-esque scene while swigging a whiskey before being engulfed by a hug body of water. The other scene that doesn’t involve him was with Diana clearly says that Aquaman said ‘No’ that Bruce tries to explain. Lastly back to the opening scene where Bruce quips that he heard that Arthur Curry can talk to fish, which seems kind strange when back in BvS they’re all serious.

“Justice League” won’t be out until November 17, 2017 which produced and distributed by Warner Bros Picture Studios.

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