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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wonder Woman Comic-Con® Trailer!

07.27.2016 - Power, Grace, Widsom, and Wonder are the qualities that were written in the Wonder Woman teaser poster that was released ahead of the official trailer.

Gal Gadot is at the center of the panel that introduced the cast with director Patty Jenkins. The trailer was one of the highlights for DC Comics and definitely one of the most anticipated for the DC Extended Universe.

For the first time Wonder Woman will have her official movie adaptation, which will be part of the DC Extended Universe a slate of films that was announced. There’s something note worthy about this reveal and it’s certainly making fans very excited.

Wonder Woman will definitely make a splash as she gets introduced in the big screen and if you happen to miss that trailer watch it below:

There have been three things that’s running in this trailer, but surely there will be some who will definitely dig up Easter Eggs and speculate details of what the plot would be, but this trailer have shown more…

Diana’s Innocence

She looks battle ready but the opening scenes from the trailer show her innocence and her first encounter with a man that is Steve Trevor. Gal Gadot is right for the part amidst some would criticize DC/Warner’s choice her face definitely is a wonder of beauty to portray an Amazon Princess.

The Origins from Themyscira

In the comicbooks Diana came from a sheltered island away from man’s conflict, which also feature other Amazon characters that includes her mother Queen Hippolyta. The depiction in the trailer sets how Diana was sheltered and was nurtured in this island before war arrives at their door.

That Rocking Score

Every superhero has their trademark score. John Williams has composed the one that will forever remember the late Christopher Reeves’ version of Superman. This is evident with Patty Jenkins inspiration from director Richard Donner as the score to associate Wonder Woman is as infectious as the guitar riffs of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures.

Intense Action, Romance, and More

There’s enough action in this trailer even though the film has not been out yet. Since this is set in the first World War its evident that this is one film that’s have action with a little romance and humor to just count the months to see Wonder Woman.

“Wonder Woman” is set to hit cinemas on June 2, 2017 from DC Entertainment as produced and distributed by Warner Bros Picture Studios.

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