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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Star Trek Newest Discovery!

07.24.2016 – Following the Comic-Con panel by Bryan Fuller, he revealed the title of the next Star Trek television series set to air in January 2017. The showrunner for its new iteration of Star Trek since Enterprise was enthusiastic with its reveal.

“Star Trek Discovery” is officially confirmed as the next series after Enterprise ended in 2005. The new series not only features Fuller as showrunner he also have Alex Kurtzman as his co-executive producer to helm Discovery in the Prime Universe.

In the heels of the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek this is set in the main universe and will not be connected to the reboot films that include “Star Trek Beyond.” This mainly will be connected to the universe the original Spock has left.

The new ship adds some anticipation to what the USS Discovery would look like that was also reveal during the panel in San Diego. If you happen to miss it here’s what the ship looks like…

There’s not much details on the upcoming series, but they will slowly give the fans an idea which timeline will it be set. For now here’s something for the Trekkies to talk about regarding the USS Discovery, which Bryan Fuller says is not the final design…

Ralph McQuarrie has Concept all over it.

If you’ve been following Star Trek you’ll know first hand which type of ship design came from. For those who only knew the reboot films and never was fully exposed in the world of Star Trek this ship actually inspired from Ralph McQuarrie’s abandoned design of the USS Enterprise that was revealed in 1976 or 1977.

Star Trek: Planet of the Titans

This concept was originally intended to be used as the USS Enterprise from the design concept of Ralph McQuarrie for which it would be part of the movie “Star Trek: Planet of the Titans” but the idea for the film was dropped and the ship became just a concept art that would become now an inspiration for the USS Discovery.

It looks like a flying Vulcan logo.

At first you’ll not notice the shape of the ship to be just another one that Starfleet had launched but look closely for its large saucer section and the triangular shape, which appears to be a Vulcan logo that Spock represents his planet.

For now the Trekkies and fans in general are now thinking, which part of the Star Trek timeline Discovery will be set and who the crew members are. So far this is just a tease to get your Vulcan mind analyzing the logic, and trying to be as patient as the next Klingon in the room.

“Star Trek Discovery” will first air its pilot on CBS and the rest of the episode will be stream to “CBS All-Access” beginning January 2017, while the rest of the world will get to see this through Bell and Netflix.

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