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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Five Doctor Strange Things in the 2nd Trailer!

07.24.2016 – Marvel may not have the best presentation in this year Comic-Con, but surely Doctor Strange is no pushover when it comes to theatrical trailers. It seems the ‘House of Ideas’ is holding back more about their slate of films,

But some are still satisfied with their television and web series reveals. The new ‘Marvel Studios’ logo was a welcome change. Stranger things for the great Doctor are the next cinematic film and it’s enough for you to marvellously appreciate it.

TThis has been talked about already when the trailer was revealed by Marvel. Some of those scenes where revealed during production shoots. You’ll get the idea how they masterfully produced a single shot in one particular scene and magnified it with astounding visual effect, Inception anyone? Just watch the trailer below:

A break down of the trailer to five interesting non-spoiler parts to get you an idea who is Doctor Strange and the rise to become the ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ was inevitable destiny for the man who they called Stephen.

Strange Tales

In the original comicbook created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, Doctor Strange was a well known doctor as reveal in the first part of the trailer. His egotistical drive for wealth leads him to the car accident that destroyed both of his hands who is unable to conduct surgery.

Ancient One

Due to the accident and his desperation to find a cure to his broken hands he was almost broke and ended up in the Himalayas where a temple of the Ancient One is located. She gives him an example of the power they wield and why she is Earth’s ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ that brought Strange to far places.

That Logo

The new ‘Marvel Studios’ logo appears in this trailer still contains the element from the comicbooks that flashes in the background revealing further regarding the ‘Mystic Arts’ to the cinematic universe.

Realm of Inceptions

Not only the ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ harness power and travel to great distance new scenes reveal they can alter reality too. This shows some concepts inspired from Christopher Nolan’s Inception where they also bend reality itself

They Have Wi-Fi Passwords

Scenes from the trailer have shown that Karl Mordo and Stephen Strange work together against an enemy of The Ancient One. This reveals also that even though they live in a remote part of the Himlayas they’re not savages as they have an existing Wi-Fi password to access the internet.

“Doctor Strange” is heading to cinemas from Marvel Studios on November 4, 2016 distributed by Walt Disney Motion Pictures.

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