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Monday, August 22, 2016

Toy Expo 2016 | Metals Die Cast

08.22.2016 – This year’s Toy Expo focus on the latest brand that’s either about to be available at Toy Kingdom or its already out you just don’t have any idea since you missed passing by this event. But kidding aside this was weekend event for everyone.

One of the exhibitors for this year is JADA Toys best known for high quality die cast and remote control cars. But this is their first to enter the figure line featuring license properties from DC, Marvel, Ghostbusters, TMNT, and a lot more as they also introduced new figures for young adult collectors.

JADA Toys has been around for almost seventeen years a company that produce high quality die cast cars. They also produce strong, durable and innovative remote control cars. For 2016 they introduce the Metals Die Cast series of figures from license properties based on animation, movies, sports, and videogames.

From DC to Marvel and Beyond

The first wave of figures that where introduced early this year where from DC and Warner Bros superhero film “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," which also features JADA Toys’ version of the Batmobile from the same film. They follow-up with Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, where they introduce the six inch scale figures featuring Captain America and Iron Man which features a light-up gimmick.

Expanding the Series

This line expanded with the Ghosbusters (based from the 1984 film), Suicide Squad, and the more poseable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the classic 1987 animation. There where also exclusives from the recent San Diego Comic Con like the silver edition Captain America VS Iron Man four inch scale figure that can only available at Toys R’ Us stores, while the Suicide Squad can only be available at Toy Expo and at the upcoming Asia Pop ComiCon Manila.

For the Young Adult Collector

New figures targeted for young adult collectors from 16 years old will be released soon, which features the classic Harley Quinn from the Batman: The Animated Series, Catwoman based from the artwork by the late Darwyn Cooke, Batgirl in her classic costume, Supergirl from the comic books and Poison Ivy. Metals Die Cast also introduce the smaller scale figurines featuring the female DC characters, which was definitely sold out as interest for this line is slowly catching up.

Lastly new additions to the growing Marvel line has been revealed that includes the Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Ultron to round up what was on exhibit at the Metals Die Cast booth at this year’s Toy Expo.

There’s more in the pipeline that will be released for the Philippine market, but there’s no slowing down for JADA Toys to introduce their next big thing. For more about the upcoming figures LIKE Metals Die Cast Philippines on Facebook!

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