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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flash Rods' 500 Gigabyte DeLorean Hard Drive?!

11.28.2010 - Great Jigabytes! Yes your seeing what Doc Brown has outrageously not done before.

Turning the DeLorean into a time machine, which he has definitely good taste in making one.
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Actually Flash Rods would certainly turn some geek heads to wanting this too.

The full size Delorean (Time machine or what we see here) might be too much for your must buy list? Maybe you would want to own a 1:18 scaled down replica from Flash Rods, which faithfully reproduces the DeLorean Time Machine.
This one actually gives you a storage space of 500GB Seagate hard drive which is housed inside the DeLorean. The De-Lorean is based from the Back to the Future III movie, where Marty was trying to save Doc Brown by traveling back in to 1885.

Notice the tires are from the year 1955 and not from the previous BTTF films? If you haven't watched the third film you'll get to see this.

Certainly this will give you justification to having it displayed on your desk. Though it will cost you a premium over a regular 500GB hard drive, but will surely will cost every penny to spend $250.00 US Dollars to get one.

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