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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meal Toy News: Jollibee, McDonald's & Wendy's!

02.09.2011 - This month catch the latest Kids Meal Toys from Jollibee, McDonald's, and Wendy's.

Lately we noticed that Wendy's quite consistent with the latest Kids Meal since they started having them sometime in 2008.

Most notable where the Speed Racers, Garfield, Nicktoon's Fairly Odd God Parents, and now with Open Season 3.

Currently Open Season 3 Kids Meals toys are being sold at Wendy's outlets. They are an interesting fun toys for kids to enjoy.

You could say its one of the interesting stuff we rarely see in a Kids Meal Toys dominated by McDonald's Happy Meal and Jollibee's Kiddie Meal.

The first Open Season that was featured in a Kids Meal Toys was from Burger King in 2006.

This would probably one of the last Kids Meal Toys that Burger King had until they had changes when a new franchise owner took over.

The Wendy's Kids Meal featuring Open Season 3 has five assortments in a circus theme. There are Boog's Flying Trapeze, Elliot's Cannon Launcher, Ursa's Balancing Ball, Boog's Balancing Act, and Big Top Circus Scene.

The Big Top Circus Scene is mostly cardboard cut out to make the scene for the other assortments for your display, which kids would surely enjoy building. You can collect all 5 this month.

Happy Meal

McDonald's in the Philippines is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and also the introduction of the Happy Meal in 1987. One of the most anticipated Kids Meal Toys that's bringing new toys every month. This month Pokemon Diamond Pearl is the featured toy this month, and Pikachu is the star of this latest Happy Meal.

Collect all 8 Pikachus with each group divided into with four different features. There's a Talking Pikachu, Pikachu Rolling Stamper, Pikachu Sticker + Stamper, and Pikachu Automatic 2 Speeds Gearbox.

The most sought after in this set could probably the Talking Pikachu, though the two figures don't interact, the genuine audio of Pikachu would is enough for kids and girls snapping to own these.

Kiddie Meal

The least favorite of the bunch from Jollibee is the Future GPX Cyber Formula and Sugar Sugar Rune based from previous anime seies.

The Future GPX Cyber Formula vehicles and concept are no doubt recycled from the 2008 Speed Racer toys. The launchers itself can be comparable to the ones Jollibee released with the Speed Racer toys when the live action film was released in theaters.

Future GPX Cyber Formula is no longer being aired in Japan since 1996, and its kinda outdated for Jollibee to have these as Kids Meal Toys. Sugar Sugar Rune on the other hand is an old anime from 2006. These are quite unknown anime series, that has been off-air for quite sometime.

The cars from the Future GPX Cyber Formula are cool, but for someone who has not heard of the anime would not bother getting these. For kids who would like to be interested in racing cars they'll be buy into it. Specially the Super Asurada 01 with it detail sculpting. The same goes with the Proto Jaguar Z-6 save that the stickers numbers are a bit cheap in appearance.

Jollibee Kiddie Meal had the best toy in Voltron, and they have not followed up with that. The Macross toys from last year are not as good as what they had in 2008.

If your in the hunt to collect some of these Kids Meal Toys surely the winner here is McDonald's Happy with the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Collect them all this month in February!


  1. McDonalds is the best (check ).

  2. I miss Jollibee! I wish I could get my hands on a Jollibee figurine.