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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback: Kiko Machine!

10.24.2013 – If you have been following Kiko Machine Komix by Manix Abrera then consider yourself a fan but for those who just started picking up the series you’ll be surprised where it all started.

Originally Kiko Machine started as a band and has produced one full album with the same name.

At the same time Manix Abrera came up with a comic book series that would evolve on to his own that’s heading to become the most sought after titles from Visprint.

Just heading back and give you a throwback of its roots Manix was part of the Kiko Machine band that also have JP Cuison as its lead vocalist with cosplayer Spider-Dan Geromo as its notable guitarist.

Two of their songs come to mind in “Val Sotto” (a well-known Filipino actor in the 1980s and 1990s) and “McGyver” arguably misspelled incorrectly which was an inspiration and at the same time paying tribute to Richard Dean Anderson’s MacGyver, the TV show from that era which both in Filipino language.

There was also “Takeshi” which possibly inspired from the Japanese TV show “Takeshi’s Castle” among the 14 track album these titles seems memorable as JP Cuison sang “Val Sotto” during the launch of his Misplaced solo show a week ago.

Though some would have forgotten the band its life evolved into a comic book series that Manix Abrera has made into the much read title. Kiko Machine may sound like a one hit wonder with an album people won’t ever get to see but the comic book series keeps the name to remind those who first saw the first issue that it was for a time a musical act.

Their only performance that they made an appearance was during Komikon which was on October 21, 2006 which was seven years and three days ago.

Who would have thought Manix Abrera would continue doing comics that was named after an independent rock band that have some of the talented artists that they are today.

It’s like seeing the Avengers and Justice League put together without the actual heroes with the exception of Spider-Dan Geromo who has been in his spidey spandex long before there was an actual group or organization suiting up to make cosplay as a career.

Kiko Machine band or comic book series won’t be forgotten altogether as the have become an urban legend of sorts with that brand of music they really defined Filipino pop culture and music long before there was people claiming to be in their costume while playing musical instruments.

They did it during Komikon 2006 and that has become part of the ever growing convention which is heading to its 9th year.

But for those hardcore appreciative about Manix Abrera’s work on the series should definitely clamor to at least reissue the album. It has become a novelty at the same time something you will only see in the Philippine Komiks community.

Rock n’ roll. \m/

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  1. This is a really nice and informative article! I've been a fan of the comic series, Inquirer days pa lang - even before it was published. But ngayon ko lang nakita ang actual Kikomachine Band and napanood ang videos nila, thanks to this article! :) Sana magperform uli sila, please! :)