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Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Meal Japan 2015: Tom & Jerry w/ Shaun the Sheep!

06.19.2015 – Everyone is wondering if Japan is part of the Asia Pacific region. Yes McDonald’s Japan is part of this region, but doesn’t necessarily mean they follow the other countries what Happy Meal they release given the Minions mania is back.

It depends actually which country goes out of its own and cater to their local taste. Given that Japan is one of the countries stands out with their uniqueness their Happy Meal right now aren’t the Minions but Tom & Jerry and Shaun the Sheep

It’s surprising that the variation of Happy Meal toys previously released in other countries varies in what they offer in Japan right now. For instance earlier this year the Philippines’ first toys where from Tom & Jerry, but with a different theme and pretty much has to do with studying and learning.

While Shaun the Sheep a few months ago was promoting its first ever movie, but in Japan the theme is more promoting the television series with a different group of toys to collect and it appear quite an interesting theme.

If you’re expecting the Minions to appear as the next toys for Japan don’t get your hopes up as they already posted the details on what are their next promotion by June 26, 2015. The sentai and anime fans would definitely get a kick out of the pair up when it gets released. Don’t expect the promotion for Minions in Japan will be in full swing. Japan has its own culture that cultivates their properties.

Given one last example is the Mario Bros. release in the Philippines in early 2014, which has been released in Japan more than a year or so. They might be ahead with everything but it can also work both ways that South East Asia has its own promotions that they won’t get it right now.

Tom & Jerry and Shaun the Sheep has started promotion on June 5, 2015. For more of their Happy Meal and other promotions LIKE McDonald’s Japan on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @Love_McD

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