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Friday, December 3, 2010

STGCC 2010 Spotlight: Gail Simone!

12.03.2010 - Gail Simone a former hair dress in a small town in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States has found her niche becoming a fan-favorite.

Multiple-award-winning author of comic books and animation caught the eye of publishing world with her witty and acerbic parody column, "You'll All Be Sorry" at ComicBookResources.Com.

From there, she began writing The Simpsons Comics, as well as the creator-owned Killer Princesses with artist/co-creator Lea Hernandez.

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This led to a classic run on Deadpool and Agent X for Marvel Comics, as well as the children's title which she created there, The Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer.

Since then, Gail has worked for most major comic publishers, but primarily at DC Comics, where she has written critically respected and fan-favored runs on Action Comics, The All-New Atom, Justice League Confidential, and Wonder Woman, among others. She is possibly best known for her team books, the villain-centric Secret Six and female-espionage team Birds of Prey.

She is currently working on a major DC event book with superstar artist Ethan Van

She has also written for animation and video games, including Justice League Unlimited, Tomb Raider, Brave and the Bold, and was a contributing writer for the Wonder Woman animated film.

Gail lives in a tiny town on the Oregon coastline with her husband, son, and two mismatched dogs.

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