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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Toy Photography: Best Toy Shoots of the Week (October 1-5, 2011)

Photo by Detrimier Villones
10.06.2011 - For anyone who has not heard about “Toy Photography” it’s becoming an art form for those who love collecting toys and taking photography as a hobby. The interest started picking during the past two years. Originally the concept has been around as early as the late 1990s to early 2001.

There’s one individual who started taking photos from way back of 2003 and that’s Brian McCarthy. His portfolio shows some interesting kind of inspiration and speaks volumes of emotion that is expressed by his composition. He has released a photo book of his works and still captivates a lot of people getting inspired to try “Toy Photography” as a concept.

In the Philippines “Toy Photography” slowly is getting into the mainstream pop culture scene and a group was established in late 2007. The interest has spawned some categories that define the hobby as expressive as taking photos of real people.

You can say “Toy Photography” is not longer just featuring Art Toys but also all kinds of toys that can be used for the composition. Starting this month we’ll be featuring some of the most interesting works by the members of the local group in Facebook. They have been around in the social network since 2008 and had taken residence on Facebook originally as just page to featuring some of the composition done by two people who has been into the hobby as early as 2001.

For this week we’re featuring some of the best photos dated from October 1 to 5, 2011. These are based from composition and the most “thumbs up” as well as the “wow factor” that made it to this feature...

Photo By Sheng Gonzales

Photo by Kevin Mitchell de Jesus

Photo by Raffy Panganiban

Photo by Michael Gene Pilapil

Photo by Konry Ushin

Photo by Erick Bueno

Photo by Barbara Lamont

Photo by Ram Morales

Photo by Mark Marcial

Photo by Zulfika Rahmad

Photo by Jamal Chico Roman

Photo by Noel Ian Garcia

Photo by Bleau Aquino

Photo by Raffy Panganiban

Photo by Noel Ian Garcia

Photo by Mark Bryan V. German

Photo by Ryan Chu

Photo by Bleau Aquino

Photo by Ryan Chu

Photo by Binil Kolektor

Photo by Binil Kolektor

Photo by Dexter Garcia

Photo by Joshua dela Cruz

Photo by Achilles Lim Saligumba

This upcoming weekend it’s going to be Collecticon 2011 and there will also going to be a “Toy Photography” contest and you might see some of them meeting up.

You can check out more about “Toy Photography” on facebook just LIKE the fan page or if you want to learn about the hobby join the Group page or if you more on Flickr see link HERE. There’s even their own blog site for you to check some articles about the group and its members being featured.

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