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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dead Zone presents Zombiethon 2011!

Zombie buffs and lovers in Manila, things are going to get frantic this end of October, as the dead will rise and walk the streets of Makati!

Come October 30, a day before HalloweenDead Zone, a zombie fan organization based in the Philippines, will host the next installment of "Zombiethon 2011", an event centered at amassing the greatest number of people dressed in their favorite zombie attire and marching on as a mob! The walk this year will take place in Makati City, and as seen in the poster above, the meeting place will be at 6788 Standard Chartered Bldg at Ayala Avenue at 3:00pm!

Personally, I'm a big zombie genre fan, and growing up watching the legendary George Romero's Dead flicks, playing Capcom's BioHazard/ Resident Evil series, and tuning in to AMC's The Walking Dead only got me excited even further when I heard about this event! If you happen to be in Manila and would want to participate in this event, go dress in proper zombie related attire and come hungry... for brains!!! For more info, visit Dead Zone's official Facebook page, or their official website at Multiply!

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